10 Ways to Boost Online Sales

30th October 2017 / 6 minute read

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Making an online sale is hard. With so much competition out there it’s become a real challenge to get noticed and encourage sales. Here are our 10 tips to improve your website and boost online sales.

All marketing experts are quick to point out the fact that having an online presence is the key to increasing business profitability. The question remains, what should your strategy be to achieve a boost in online sales?

Out of our 10, there are 2 key initial steps.

The first two in our list are not really ‘ways’ to boost online sales, they’re expectations you should set yourself to succeed.

First – dedicate time.

Before we start throwing various ‘ways’ at you, we must highlight this first point. You have to work hard to get online sales. You must devote time into managing, improving and establishing your online presence. Applying time into building your online business is often the hardest part, but it’s so crucial to your business’ success.

There is a variety of processes to implement into your daily online regime. Time is of the essence, and succeeding online requires a great deal of time and patience.

Secondly – be prepared to invest.

There are ways to save money in getting started online, but the risk of this is that the quality may leave you trailing your competition straight away. You must take the time to invest both time and money into establishing yourself online.

The first step is to create a website for your business, this is a critical step as it will shape all your future marketing and outreach.

Of course, you could build a website yourself on a site builder like Wix or Squarespace. But consider the level of websites you will be up against. If you’re not a skilled web designer or developer, then will you be doing your business any justice?

Consider this your first of many investment dilemmas: do you work with a professional web designer and developer, or not?

Now, the remaining 8 ways to boost sales online.

Invest right.

You will need to spend money to create your online vision, but you must invest in the right things.

The kind of investments you will need to consider may include hiring a designer, marketer or a project manager for your business. Could it be more cost effective to outsource your marketing to an agency?

Test and optimise your website.

optimise site

If you’re going to create a website, then you need to ensure it performs.

Ensuring your site stands out online requires more than a good-looking website, it relies on the experience your site offers to users.

Does it load quickly? Is it easy to browse the site? Does every call to action and button or feature on the site work? Can you easily view all aspects of the website?

Testing and critiquing your site is essential. Don’t just test it once, test your site regularly – you can then keep your website performing to the highest standard.

Google’s Page Speed Insights is a really good tool to test your site on.

Speaking of optimisation, don’t ignore SEO!

Optimising the performance of your website is essential, in fact, it will support your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) work too. Organic listings on Google is extremely important to your business’ online sales. If people can’t find your website, how do you expect to sell?

Through SEO, you can attract the right people to your website. This relies on ongoing work to rank your site for relevant keywords and search terms that suit your business and e-commerce website, and are terms that customers are searching.

Create a sales funnel.

If you have an e-commerce website, then you need to ensure that you take your visitors down a natural sales funnel. Don’t be forceful, your users need to be able to follow the journey and make the decision for themselves. Your website’s content and design must communicate together to achieve this.

Offer deals.

Everyone loves a free benefit. If you can allow it, why not create special deals for your customers? The types of benefits you can offer could include free delivery, a buy-one-get-one-free deal, or a limited time only sale – these ideas work a treat!

Carry out research.

Look at your competitors. What are they ranking for on Google? How do their prices compare to yours? Are they offering something you don’t?

Even other research such as reviewing what your customers are searching on your website can provide amazing insights. You might find that there’s a high demand for a product or service you don’t offer (yet).

Actively manage your social media profiles.

Being active on social media is the equivalent to keeping active for your health, it’s got to be done!

Many people discover businesses online through social media. If the last time you posted on Facebook was in January 2014, then users will be less inclined to find out more about you. Every online profile you have is judged, not just your website.

manage social

Be inventive, current and coherent.

No one likes a copycat. In everything you do, make sure it has your own spin on it. Be creative, be inventive and be coherent. Stick to what you know to embrace your brand’s unique personality.

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