3 tips to increase content shareability

5th May 2016 / 3 minute read

3 tips to increase content shareability

Creating content that people want to share can greatly increase the traffic to your social media pages and website. Here are three tips that can help you create more shareable content.

1. Content for your target audience

When you’re creating content for your social media pages, make sure you target the appropriate audience. People want to share content that reflects themselves or something they care about, so it needs to be relatable. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the reader, what would you want to see?

Top tips for targeting your audience

“People want to share content that reflects themselves or something they care about, so it needs to be relatable”

2. Content Value

Always create content that is valuable to your customer. Posting content that contains useful and or surprising information is always a winner. It will compel the user to share the information with their friends or family, resulting in a higher organic reach. Trending topics are also a good way to spark debates in the comment section and draw more readers to the post.

3. Aesthetics

Make sure your content looks good! Images will always attract more of an audience than clunky blocks of text. Use high resolution images that present themselves clearly on people’s social feeds. The text you do use in your content must be well written, and always proofread your content before posting; typos scream untrustworthy and unprofessional!
Think about it… your target markets’ social feeds are heavily saturated with content, some of it will be good quality and engaging. Make your content stand out from the crowd and grab their attention!

How Equals Creative can help you increase your content shareability….

Equals Creative has a wealth of experience in maximising shareability across many different types of content and platforms. We can help with any aspect of shareability; from increasing your social media presence, to consistently captivating your audience with unique and concise content. Our team add the layer of creativity you need to make your content more engaging and inspiring.

Contact the studio at hello@equalscreative.com and start creating fantastically shareable content today!

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