4 Steps to creating the perfect Facebook ad

22nd September 2015 / 3 minute read

4 steps to creating the perfect facebook ad

1. First you need to GET NOTICED

Get your reader’s ATTENTION by enticing them in with an interesting image.

The most important thing in your perfect Facebook Ad is the image. I’m not talking about an image that you chosen randomly from google images but an image relevant to you and your business! If your image isn’t eye-catching you won’t get any clicks. A bright, bold and statement-making image gets people’s attention and entices them to read more. So remember when choosing an image for your Facebook Ad, make sure you choose close-up, “easy-to-see” images that are colourful and bold.

2. Capture the readers INTEREST.

Create a catchy title that the benefits of your product or service.

With only 25 characters at your disposal, you need to make sure your title says enough to keep the viewers attention but not so much that don’t click to read more! So what should your title say?

Your Ad title should tell the reader what the ad’s about and why they should read more. If you’ve got offers on, tell them in the title. And don’t forget to include your company name so they know where to come back to for more offers or information!

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3. Create a DESIRE by promoting discounts, free trials, or limited time offers.

Promote the things that make you unique!

So you’ve got your reader interested. But it doesn’t end there. To convert your click to a client/customer, use your ad text to really boost interest and add value to your product or service. Tell them who you are and what you have to offer. Tell them your unique selling point and how your service or product can benefit them. But remember, keep it simple, honest and exclusive to you and your business!

4. A persuasive CALL TO ACTION.

Use catchy phrases and tell your readers how they can get their hands on what you offer. Direct the user with your words, tell them what they need to do.

Put all of this together and what do you get? A perfect Facebook ad campaign that works, gives you return on investment and drives your business forward.

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