5 Considerations When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

29th August 2017 / 4 minute read


We’re all busy people, so when it comes to balancing between providing a service and improving your outreach, the latter is what usually becomes a little abandoned. Utilising external support is often the way forward – it allows you to tune your focus on other aspects of the business and spread your time effectively.

In the case of digital marketing, outside support is often the solution to improving your online presence. The main fear though is choosing a digital marketing company that will not give you the results you need. Instead, a rather large bill!

It may seem cheeky that a digital marketing agency is writing a blog about how to choose a digital marketing partner, but hear us out!

Our 5 considerations to finding a suitable digital marketing agency

Investigate any agency you like the look & sound of.

Choosing a digital marketing agency to work with offers a similar dilemma to when you were a child at the Pick ‘n Mix section in Woolworths.

When you do find a digital marketing agency, Google them before you contact them directly. Whilst you’re Googling them, have a good look through their website, view their recent activity on social media, and read customer reviews online.

Consider the agency’s ‘speciality’.

Every digital marketing agency has a specific strength within digital marketing. Whether it’s SEO, PPC, web design, web development, or branding, we each have a specific skill.

As an example, we’re a digital marketing & user experience agency, specialising in UX design. That’s not to say that we can’t offer you other services, but what it does say is that we’re an agency that likes to work from the ground up, starting with the design of your website.

Although there are different categories and expertise with each agency, it’s always worth just looking through their website and finding out about their previous work to see if they could provide you with the outcome you require.

Is the price realistic?

In the world of digital marketing, the price usually determines the quality of work you will receive.

Effective digital marketing requires months of work. There has never been a digital marketing campaign that has lifted off after a month. Web design, SEO, content writing and branding all play a big role in digital marketing, so you need to factor these aspects when reflecting on the type of digital marketing service you require.

Use an agency that has a diversely talented team.

The team of an agency acts as the ingredients you can expect for your digital marketing journey with that agency. You will want to use an agency that offers experts who each specialise in differing aspects of digital marketing. These can include web designers & developers, marketing executives or account managers, graphic designers, and content or copywriters.

Think about the working relationship you want.

Picking to work with a digital marketing agency is like recruiting a new team member. It’s important to choose an agency that matches your long term objective and your work ethic.

If you want an agency that you can call and meet at any time, then you will need to find a reasonably local agency. Communicating over technology is all very well, but many people want to work with a transparent agency that they can go and visit at any time. Having the option to meet with the people you are hiring is brilliant, and in our experience, always produces a better relationship and result.

These are just a few of the considerations we believe you should have when choosing your next digital marketing partner. You are the best judge of character in the situation, but by following our considerations, you will have a better chance of choosing an agency that best matches your requirements.

Are you a Surrey based business?

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