5 Design tools for your 2017 toolbox

15th June 2017 / 3 minute read

illusion ai

Chances are you’ve already got yourself a bunch of resources that you’re familiar with. If we look at the tools we use today and compare them to, say, five years ago, there are significant differences.

So what does 2017 have to offer? We take a look at design tools and resources fit for your 2017 toolbox…



2017 is the year of conversation. Illusion.ai allows users to design and apply conversational interfaces into web and mobile sites. There are a variety of templates available, making it easy to create customisable interfaces that’ll engage users.




We all want something for free, don’t we? How about access to hundreds of free fonts, UI kits and PSD mock ups? Freebiesbug is a free collection of high quality resources, popular with designers and developers who need quick access to everything from icons to website templates.


Hype 3


A Mac exclusive tool created by two former Apple engineers, Hype 3 allows users to create and animate interactive HTML5 content. You can design everything from e-cards to animated site elements with this handy tool – All without the need to know code.




Calligraphr is a great new tool with a smooth and simple workflow. It works by converting handwriting to fonts, all you have to do is download a template, fill it in and upload it to their system. With your own handwriting installed as a typeface, creating genuine personal designs just got a whole lot easier.




Popular for its real-time collaborative features, Figma is a vector-based drawing software that allows multiple designers to work together from a distance. You might think, why would I need that? But if you put yourselves in a meeting where being able to simultaneously modify a project is key, Figma has got your back.

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