5 ways you can refine your web content writing ability

23rd October 2017 / 4 minute read

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I’m of the belief that writing is something that you continuously learn. You begin by learning the essentials of writing, and then you adapt as a writer over time. Your writing usually adjusts when you as a person gain more writing experience, and when you gain more insight both on a personal and professional level.

We all love to write about what we know, which is fine. However, why not learn to write in a way that keeps your audience hooked and encourages people to engage with your content?

Here are 5 ways in which you can refine your writing ability.

Research, research, research.


Research. Simple. In any form of writing, whether it’s writing content for a website, a script, a novel or a poem, research is necessary.

In terms of writing for the web, it’s always best to research the topic you wish to write about. Not only to learn more about the topic, but to see if anyone has written a piece similar to it. You want to be different, not the same. If your piece is just another bit of writing on the internet, no one will be interested.

Something that’s great about researching is that you can include information found elsewhere. Too many people say it’s a bad idea to reference other sources, but it isn’t, readers will appreciate it more if you do.

Look at other writers.

Reading regularly is vital to your writing development. The more you read the more writing styles you will be exposed to. Reading other writer’s work doesn’t just mean other bloggers, but published authors are also a good one to check out and see their style of writing.

Social media is a great platform to discover other writers on the web. By seeing how other writers grab your attention or even put you off reading more, ask yourself why.

Although you’ll be looking at their voice and style, you should also take note of their format and layout. Is it easily readable? Is their headline and opening attention grabbing? Do you like the presentation of their work?

Familiarise yourself with SEO.

Being an avid writer is just the first step to becoming a content creator online, but do you know what there is to know about Search Engine Optimisation? SEO is a big deal for content writers and copywriters.

Writing for the web isn’t just focussed on the quality of your work. Although you do need to have that ability to draw readers in and engage with them, you also need to ensure they can find your work – SEO and social media will help you with that!

To find out more about writing with SEO in mind, check out Our Guide to Writing Effective SEO Content.

Discover your individuality.


By combining research and reading, you need to find your unique selling point in the writing world. But it’s enormous, and it’s fiercely competitive. To be noticed, then you need to find your voice and express your mind.

You can read as much work from other people as you like, but what people love the most is a unique mind.

Whether you have a crazy idea or you’re a particular kind of person that people can either relate to or find funny, then don’t be shy about it. All you can do is try it out and see if you get new readership!

Write as much as you can.

The more you write the better you will become as a writer. If you’re full of ideas, then put those ideas down on your blog, website or digital publication? By continuously writing you will be providing the online sphere with more material, and hopefully, more exposure for your work.

People do not achieve a great status on the internet from one article, it takes time and many articles, blogs and content. It may only take one article to get you noticed, but that’s not to say it will be your first you produce and publish online.

So, if you have a longing to write and you want to become a trusted voice online, then you need to begin writing today and publishing material regularly.

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