7 apps for digital marketers

7th March 2017 / 5 minute read

7 apps for digital marketers

Apps are similar to flat pack furniture, in that having the right tool is crucial. Knowing the right tools and apps for the job can make all the difference between a well-executed digital marketing strategy and a mediocre one.

With apps being launched every day, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time.

To help, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite 7 apps for digital marketers.


You could be anywhere when an idea strikes. Bear is the perfect place for note-taking and aesthetically pleasing writing on the go. Its simple format will keep your work organised and looking good. Adding styles and links is just a tap or keystroke away.

Adding a hashtag to your notes will group your content together, so you can separate your writing by topic. Bear Pro allows different sharing options, including the ability to export to PDF and HTML.

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Save time managing your social media by scheduling, publishing and analysing your posts in one place. Gather insights with Buffer to ensure you reach followers at the most important part of the day.

As you add content you can select which account you post to. To ensure you’re not making the mistake of posting the exact same content across social networks, Buffer allows customisation too.

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When you’re on the move and looking for a little inspiration, Pocket enables users to quickly discover and save articles for later.

Pocket allows you to save directly from your browser, from apps like Twitter or Flipboard. And you don’t even need an internet connection to view your content later on.

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A fantastic source of marketing news, Mashable is always up to date to keep readers up to speed. The app is easy to use, with the option to view content in each category: Social Media, Tech, Business, Entertainment, US & World, Watercooler and Lifestyle.

If you really want to stay informed, switch on notifications to receive alerts when a Mashable story goes viral.

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If you’re unfamiliar with TEDTalks, you’re seriously missing out. No doubt, the digital marketers among us are already hooked. The TED app presents talks from some of the world’s more fascinating people, straight to your smartphone.

With over 1500 TEDTalk videos updated on a weekly basis, when you don’t have time right away you can set up a playlist to watch later.

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Stumbleupon is a content curation site covering a wide range of topics. Tailor content to crawl through ideas, news, industry advice and more. Perfect if you’re a little click happy and like being surprised with what you’re going to read next.

You can also follow your friends and share what you’ve found too. As well as create lists of your favourite topics and follow other lists to find more content.

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When you’re collaborating on a project, Redbooth is great for quickly accessing tasks and discussing ideas with team members.

With the ability to instantly see which tasks have been resolved and with great organisation, Redbooth is ideal for digital marketers with a busy schedule.

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