Another Google Algorithm Update… Goddammit Google!

8th August 2018 / 3 minute read

serp volatility after the update

1st of August saw a Google ‘Search Quality Update’ that wiped out website rankings. Google were quick enough to give a reason behind it and explained how people can respond. Spoiler alert, there’s not much you can do. Read on to find out more. There’s a twist to this update too!

google algorithm feature

We were notified by our SEO software on the 2nd of August that a Google algorithm update had occurred. “Ok,” we said, “it won’t be too bad.”

We headed over to our SERP volatility sensor – which essentially represents how changeable the search engine result pages are on Google – lo & behold, the scores were high… very high.

Google’s Danny Sullivan was the one to confirm via Twitter that a new Google algorithm update had been implemented. We were first notified by our SEO software of the update and noticed that a client of ours had annoyingly been affected by the update. Not impressed!

Here’s Google’s official announcement:

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