How to arrange your social media landscape for 2017

6th March 2017 / 2 minute read

How to arrange your social media for 2017

It’s time to do a bit of gardening. Social media presence is more important than ever and so is the imagery we use. Think of these platforms as a form of landscaping. Simply put, we must adapt to the platform to make our content look its best.

Over time visual content has become increasingly more important, ruling how we view content and social media. Alongside this, effectively carrying your brand across multiple platforms has become harder to keep up with.

In the world of social media, users scroll past hundreds, if not thousands of posts daily. Yet the importance of conveying your image across all of your social networks still remains.

Don’t fret, we’re here to help with three simple tips to arrange your social media landscape.

Firstly. Get your sizing right.

Start by mocking up some templates in Photoshop. This will ensure you get your sizing correct and don’t cut out any important text. Templates and image dimensions are readily available online for the perfect fit. Websites such as SproutSocial’s ‘Landscape’ resize imagery specifically for each social media platform. Be careful though, when there’s text involved your branding may need some reworking.

Secondly. Optimise your visuals for mobile.

No matter how beautifully crafted the image, mobile often cuts them down, ruining their impact. We carry our social media profiles in our pockets, updating statuses and tweeting at the touch of a button. So often for our clients we have to think about their online presence as mobile first.

Thirdly. Remember your audience.

Each social media platform is viewed differently to the next. Keep things simple and clean cut in Facebook while utilising the space available for platforms such as Twitter.

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