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29th November 2017 / 4 minute read

melloo logo

If you have seen our work or been reading our blog over the years, then you will have noticed the importance of brand design at our creative agency. It’s a significant aspect of the digital process with every one of our clients. Without a recognisable and quality brand, you will not be renowned for the class that your business possesses or can offer.

What’s prompted us to write this blog about our branding work?

At this time of the year, it’s a wonderful opportunity to alter your identity for the festivities ahead. Whether you’re looking to transform your website for Halloween or you want to alter your logo for Christmas and New Year, it’s a great time to appeal to your potential customers by showing your fun side.

We have worked with a few of our own clients here at EC to adapt their website and brand to suit the time of year. We have recently completed some rebranding for one of our clients; fully embracing Christmas to transform both their website and branding.

There’s no harm in businesses taking a risk to join in on the festive fun. If you want to and it’s suitable to renovate your business for Christmas, then by all means do it. Our client, Melloo, is a brilliant example of firstly, the type of business that can embrace each celebratory event, and secondly, demonstrates our effective and versatile brand design work.

Melloo is looking Christmassy!

If you visit the Melloo website, you will see that it has been customised by our team to make it look Christmassy. This is including additional landing pages, the upload of new teaching resources, and their new Christmas logo.

melloo christmas

Melloo have a colourful and distinctive logo. And because it is so individual, it makes customising it for any special occasion very easy. Tailoring the Melloo brand to suit Christmas was a pleasure – mostly because we were working with an already adaptable and recognisable brand.

We decided to change the colourful Melloo wording into a single red colour to begin the transformation. Then, the other features we applied fell into place. We turned the last ‘o’ of Melloo into a Christmas pudding, and we applied a recurring snowfall effect over the top of the logo.

christmas logo melloo

After presenting this new and exclusive Christmas brand to the client, this is what they had to say:

Just wanted to say the new Xmas logo with the pudding and snow-effect is fantastic!

It’s also interesting that the lettering works in the single colour of red. Shows and proves how versatile the original design is!

Nothing beats a happy client!

Check out the new Christmas Melloo brand in all its glory at; it’ll get you into the Christmas spirit!

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