Branding, Web Design and Web Development for a New Primary Teaching Resources Website

18th September 2017 / 7 minute read

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We regularly update the case studies on our website. Of course, companies use case studies as a way to showcase their work and ability, but we like the thought of forming our very own memory bank of websites we’ve created in the form of case studies. It’s a section of the EC website we’re very proud of and we always enjoy reflecting on our projects.

One of the latest projects we completed was the design and development of the newly branded primary school teaching resources website, Melloo.

Who are Melloo?

Melloo is an online teaching resource provider that offers primary school teachers learning materials for their next lesson, homework assignment or school term.

Describing Melloo as a company isn’t entirely accurate, they’re more like a community of primary school teachers. From the team running Melloo to the subscribers of Melloo’s teaching resources, Melloo is focussed on providing worthwhile and interactive learning resources for Key Stage 1 & 2, and Early Years pupils.

With hundreds of vibrant, multi-functional resources for Art, English, Geography, Maths, Science and the many other subjects, you can use the Melloo resources to accompany your teaching or to decorate your classroom.

Our work with Melloo.

This wasn’t the first time that we worked with Melloo. Having hit it off from the first project, they decided to stay on with us. This allowed our team to persevere with the journey of transforming what was previously Treetop Displays into the modern and fresh Melloo brand.   

How we worked together previously.

We were approached by the founder of Treetop Displays, Jeremy Henley, who had the concept of completely reinventing the brand of his business from Treetop Displays to Melloo Teaching Resources.

The main issue with the Treetop branding was that it was dated, and the quality of the brand was below the standards of their competitors. The concept of Melloo, however, had an entirely new, crisp and elegant feel to it. We loved the potential of it!

The creation of a new brand.

The main task was to create a brand which could work anywhere; both online and on printed media. We aimed for a brand and logo that could catch the attention of anyone. And not only that but the new Melloo brand needed to coincide with the industry of primary education.

Jeremy was extremely pleased with the delivery of his new Melloo brand, saying that it effectively “captures our target market”, can “be identified as something unique”, and “stood out from our competitors.

What next?

The natural progression from creating a new brand for a business is usually followed by the design and development of a new website. Melloo’s new brand had to follow the same path, and we were more than happy to help!

The new eCommerce Melloo website – Magento

With a logo, colour scheme and brand to work with, we were fuelled with ideas for the new Melloo website. The benefit of Melloo working with us was that we created the brand with them, so we could continue to spread their new brand further by applying it to their website’s design.

Of course, the aesthetics of the website needed to match the Melloo brand, but there were other factors to consider. We knew the site needed to offer a checkout system, a user dashboard, and many other features to improve the experience and security for teachers.

The look.

As with any website, it needed to look good. Not only did it need to look appealing, but it had to provide an effortless user journey. Teachers are busy people, they don’t want to be searching for more than five minutes for a resource. This is where our web designers came in handy!

The website’s look and layout is sleek and minimalistic. Everything you need can be found within seconds on the first page – whether you wish to find out more about Melloo, how it all works, or to browse the categories, it’s very easy to navigate.

make use of resources

The function & security.

The site required a large user import, high-end security and a customisable backend in Magento. With a catalogue of KS1, KS2 and EYFS resources, the website also had subscribers. This meant that we had to ensure the security of the website was up to the best standards.

The Melloo website is quite a big website, so everything our web developers implemented needed to be refined – ensuring the website was quick at loading everything.

There was a lot of work that the developers needed to do to ensure Melloo was both secure and optimised in terms of its performance, but that didn’t stop them from adding some nice touches. One of which includes the addition of a circular background generator. When the website is loaded or refreshed on a specific page, the rings in certain headers move and change position every single time – it never stays the same.

New brand. Tick. New website. Tick. Now what?

With the Melloo website launched and live, our creative team are still completing ongoing work for Melloo.

Our digital marketing experts are on the case to optimise the website and ensure it’s ranking well on the major search engines. This is completed through blog posts and the creation of landing pages.

Along with our SEO, social media and email marketing efforts, our web developers are on hand to support Melloo should they ever need support with changes or rectifying issues with the website.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the work we completed for Melloo, then check out both case studies for both the branding and web design & development projects.

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