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Digital Marketing – The Industry for Budding Writers

19th Mar 2018 / 6 minute read

Here’s my progress from writing student to digital marketing copywriter and content writer.
Whether you’re a passionate writer studying at university, or a wordsmith who wishes to write full-time, I suggest you explore the opportunity to...

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Don’t Write Your Website Content for Humans or Bots!

12th Feb 2018 / 4 minute read

We’ve told you previously to “write for humans, not search bots”. Now we’re backtracking. We say DON’T write for humans or bots!

That’s right, you’re not writing for humans or bots. So, who the hell are we writing for?

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5 ways you can refine your web content writing ability

23rd Oct 2017 / 4 minute read

I’m of the belief that writing is something that you continuously learn. You begin by learning the essentials of writing, and then you adapt as a writer over time. Your writing usually adjusts when you as a person gain more writing experience,...


How Long Should Your Blog Post Be For SEO?

23rd Aug 2017 / 5 minute read

Blog post writing is a necessity for any SEO campaign. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re involved in, if you have a website for your business then updating your blog regularly is essential. Everyone uses their blog differently,...

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