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Icons in Design

4th Oct 2018 / 4 minute read

Icons in Design – Why They’re So Damn Useful!
Have you seen an icon today? I bet you have – they’re everywhere!
We see them every single day, and sometimes, we might not even realise we’ve seen one. That’s the beauty of them...

Emotion in web design

Keeping a Design Process as Focussed as Possible

21st Jun 2018 / 5 minute read

Keeping a design process focussed is key, but how can you do so? Here are the three steps we take with our clients to focus their initial design ideas.
1. Focus is imperative in design.

Introductory design meetings with clients can begin rather...

Emotion in web design

Reinvent your brand – Serif or Sans Serif?

2nd Oct 2017 / 7 minute read

There are many blog posts across the web that cover the topic of creating a brand and logo – we even wrote a blog post in August focussed on creating ‘a killer logo for your business.’ These types of blogs are very useful,...

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