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Unseen Laws of SEO – User Experience

17th Apr 2019 / 4 minute read

We’ve been saying this for a while – User Experience is a ranking factor on Google. And it has more of an effect than you think.

If you follow me on LinkedIn you will know that I am a big fan of Neil Patel. I regularly read and view his...

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Another Google Algorithm Update… Goddammit Google!

8th Aug 2018 / 3 minute read

1st of August saw a Google ‘Search Quality Update’ that wiped out website rankings. Google were quick enough to give a reason behind it and explained how people can respond. Spoiler alert, there’s not much you can do. Read on to find out...

serp volatility after the update

301 Redirects – Are They The Best Solution?

5th Jun 2018 / 4 minute read

Many search engine optimisers love to throw in a 301 redirect when an opportunity presents itself. But is that the best practice for your SEO and site’s performance?
What is a redirect?
You’re driving along and the road you usually use has...

redirct loop feature