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Creating User Personas

3rd Jun 2016 / 9 minute read

You know your market and target audience, they were the first things you addressed in your marketing strategy. It would be foolish not to spend time on defining your customers from this. Are you achieving – or at least headed for – world class...

Creating user personas

3 tips to increase content shareability

5th May 2016 / 3 minute read

Creating content that people want to share can greatly increase the traffic to your social media pages and website. Here are three tips that can help you create more shareable content.
1. Content for your target audience
When you’re creating...

3 tips to increase content shareability

5 Web Design and UX Trends in 2016

1st Jan 2016 / 4 minute read

Here’s what to watch for web design and UX trends in 2016.
The continuation of flat design and 2D shape design.
For the last 18 months we have all been obsessing over flat design, but its time to take things a step further. Flat design will be...

5 web design trends and UX trends 2016