Content Marketing: Its Definition & Why it’s so Important!

20th August 2018 / 4 minute read

copy is at the forefront

Many of you will have your own idea of what ‘Content Marketing’ is. This intro will make sure we’re all on the same page and ready to dive deeper into content marketing!

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Welcome to the first chapter of EC’s Content Marketing: The Series.

People have differing opinions on what content marketing entails.

This first instalment will cement your understanding of what content marketing is all about. Be warned, content & marketing overload ahead!

What is content marketing and what does it focus on?

Content marketing definition:

content marketing definition

The copy that comes under content marketing varies depending on your defined strategy. You may produce a blog, which then needs to be interpreted as a social media post, and then an ad, and then a video. It’s a chain reaction.

Many businesses, individuals, marketers and writers have the opinion that content marketing is an opportunity to promote themselves. That’s not content marketing, that’s just spammy and pretentious marketing. We’re referring to the production of valuable content that has a meaningful purpose for your audience.

Content marketing should be about creating and promoting content that is worthwhile and relevant to your customers. You could be solving their issue, answering their questions or spiking their interest.

Here’s one way to look at it:

You’ve gone to Ikea, tucked into their famous meatballs and left with a flat packed oak wardrobe.

Every little piece included in the flat pack contributes to the appearance and functionality of your wardrobe; the doors, the feet, the nuts & bolts, the hinges, the door panels, even the wood grain effect of the oak, it all counts.

Metaphorically, the wardrobe is your content marketing strategy. It’s important that you focus on all the bits and bobs that make up your content marketing strategy. If you don’t, then it won’t work.

A content marketing strategy takes time to build. Once it’s assembled, it’s up to you to ensure it works.

Content marketing is the past, present and future (source: me) – it’s something that must be embraced by all brands, individuals and businesses.

Get your Ikea wardrobe and make it the best it can be!

Enough of the Ikea wardrobe comparison. Let’s pick out digital marketing fundamentals that should be considered with your content marketing strategy:

copy is at the forefront

It doesn’t really matter what aspect of marketing you look at, whether it’s digital or print. It’s all very well knowing what’s involved with content marketing, but how do you go about creating a content strategy for all marketing?

Well, the next blog in this series will help you to structure your Ikea wardrobe…

Check out the next blog in this series, Content Marketing: Target Audience & How to Please Them!

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