Content Marketing: Missed Opportunities & How to Overcome Them!

20th August 2018 / 3 minute read

missed opportunities

Generating new content ideas isn’t easy. Discovering a topic that is both interesting for your audience and offers them something unique to read is tremendously difficult; especially when you’re writing week-on-week.

The title of this chapter in the series sounds more like the title of a Harry Potter book. I assure you, it’s all about content.

This is for those of you who have an amazing content idea, only to discover it’s been stolen or done before. Kind of like the HP franchise actually – Voldemort must be pissed each time HP steals another Horcrux!

Any who, the biggest challenge in content marketing is generating fresh and thought-provoking content that your audience will enjoy and acquire worthwhile information from.

We’ve all experienced content theft… and missed opportunities!

My 2004 Toyota Yaris, Silver Surfer, is a reliable little beast, but she can’t connect to any radio stations and she doesn’t have an aux connection for me to connect my phone.

I was missing music, so my ‘invention’ was to create a car radio frequency adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter and allows you to connect your radio to its frequency.

Of course, to my disappointment, the idea already existed.

This is a classic example of what we as content marketers go through. We conjure an idea, we conduct research, then we’re dealt with the bitter blow that someone has already beaten us to it.

My million-pound paycheque and inventor status dispersed into thin air, but it doesn’t end here for content marketers.

Even if someone has stolen your idea, there’s still a story to tell.

You are your own person and you have your own ideas, so why not look for a new angle?

Could you focus on an aspect of the topic that they failed to see? Maybe you could disagree with them and counteract their claims? As I said, there’s always a story to tell!

Untapped ideas are rare.

Not just in content marketing, but in anything creative, ideas that are unexploited are rare. Whether it’s a business plan or movie idea, there’s always someone who has ‘done it’.

Why should that stop you? Someone may have already covered a certain topic, but they didn’t do it your way!

Topics that have already been covered could work to your advantage.

We as people gain inspiration from what we see. Even if your idea has already been used, it means you can view it from a different perspective.

You’ll have the opportunity to refine your idea and create something entirely different (maybe even better) than what you originally planned.

That’s all for now in this blog series. Keep an eye out though – Chapter 4 is coming!

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