Planned Digital Content is Fundamental for Good UX Design

1st April 2019 / 5 minute read


We’ve seen the change in digital content over the last few years. Successful digital copy is smart, edgy and fluid.

This is my response to Tom’s blog, User Experience Relies on a Content Strategy as well as Design.

Our content focus derives from the fundamentals of usability; making it clear, concise and digestible. This helps us as designers to architect a structure that flows well inside low fidelity wireframes.

It’s essential that a website user flow works as a skeleton structure first, because this assures your site is easily navigable and communicates the right message to your users.

The tone, language and meaning of your content can greatly affect the User Experience (UX) of the site. Many of the visual elements are completely reliant on the content, which is what gives us designers the ideas and inspiration to produce the visual experience for users.

A nice touch from Adidas’ content and design teams

Adidas’ content creators recently came up with the ‘Winter is here’ play on Game Of Thrones. This allowed the designers to work with Adidas’ iconic shoes/graphic style, and create an eyecatching home hero, entwining both Adidas and Game of Thrones fanatics.

adidas GOT

Content relies on quality, not quantity

Let’s use Spotify’s premium subscription cards as an example.

spotify premium

Each card shares an equal amount of content, helping to balance out the page visually. Instead of just listing ‘Shuffle Play’, they list a set of greyed out features a user could get.

It’s important to remember that, in some cases, less is more. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give users the option to delve deeper into something if they want to.


Concise, quality content is ideal for designers. But if more detail is required, then don’t shy away from longer copy.

Airbnb for example, contain most of their useful content in a help tab, giving users the option to find out more.

air bnb

Content strategy in practice

We can also see an example of content strategy in line with design on their ‘Host an Experience’ page.

Each host has more or less the same amount of bio copy written about them. This means that their bio fits neatly into the designed space for them, and therefore, balancing out the design.

Without a strategy, writers and designers run the risk of an uneven looking page.

air bnb

Emotion in content

Emotion is a great way to enhance the UX of a site. Meticulous imagery and graphics assisting the right words can have an incredible impact on a website.

It’s always important to work the brand into the content, a little bit like Nike did here with their ‘Happy Air Max Day’ for the birthday of their beloved Nike AirMax.

Content writers and UX designers must collaborate

It’s really important for writers and designers to collaborate when structuring the content for a digital product.

The objective for both creators is the same – to please your users, provide them with the solution they need, and make your experience as easy as possible for them.

It’s essential to respect that the user requires the right information. That is no secret. But having the information written and presented in the right way is what will make your design stand out most. The copy should be written concisely, allowing designers to work around the content to present it well.

Users should have an option to delve deeper if they would like to. The last thing you want is for your users to come away with more questions after reading your copy.

air max

Content curation must revolve around writing the relevant information. Leaving it up to the designer to bring the content to life in a user-friendly way.

Design does not define content and content does not define design. They must become one.

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