Digital Marketing at Christmas: Volume 3 – Give your customers a Christmas treat

15th December 2017 / 3 minute read

christmas volume 3

And the bells were ringing out, for Christmas deals!

Consumers in the lead up to Christmas are only interested in two things when it comes to shopping:

We covered the footing to making an online shopping experience as easy as possible in volume 2, now let’s take a look at festive deals!

Identify your promotions and present them effectively

We spoke about planning in volume 1, so you should now have a clear idea of what products will be included in your bargain bucket for the festive period.

The aim for your business during the festive period is to grab the attention of potential customers. An effective way of doing so is through festive promotions.

Once you have a clear selection of which items are going to be on offer, you can then plan exactly how to promote these deals to entice consumers.

Your digital methods

There are a number of ways in which you can display your special deals.

In the digital world, you have a great opportunity to spread your wings and display your festive deals everywhere you possibly can. For now, let’s focus on two typical methods.

You have the option of customising your website’s design to accommodate to festive advertisement. You can also spread your Christmas media & promotional products through social media too.

Your digital advertising process relies on creating a marketing strategy through web, social and even paid advertisement on both the web and social media.

Give your customers incentive

It’s very kind that you are lowering prices, but what customers love even more is thought and goodwill.

If you as a business can offer bundles, basket promotions or discounted collections, customers are more likely to purchase something that is unique and exclusive to you. Especially if it’s a good deal.

Not only does it encourage them to buy exclusively discounted Christmas bundles from your business, it demonstrates to them that you’re a company who cares about its customers. It may even encourage them to buy from you again in the future!

Consider free shipping for customers

Free shipping at Christmas time is always a big hit with customers.

BigCommerce say that 66% of online shoppers have decided not to buy an item because of shipping costs.

With money being tight at Christmas, you can guarantee that this is the minimum percentage of customers you can expect to drop off at checkout due to delivery charges.

End of Vol. 3

The next part to this series is focussed on being social and spreading Christmas cheer!

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