Digital Marketing at Christmas: Volume 5 – Look forward to the New Year

22nd December 2017 / 3 minute read

christmas volume 5

It’s beginning to look a lot like the end of the year!

Once you have planned everything for Christmas, you must then start preparing for post-Christmas.

Exhausting as it has been, now is the time to get started on preparing your digital strategy for the run up to New Year and after New Year’s Day.

Digital marketing is ongoing – there are no days off!

We’re splitting this final volume into two sections – “the run up to next year” and “Hello New Year!”.

The run up to next year

In the run up to next year, you will be kept on your toes. You need to be current with your digital appearance.

You may have put all your effort into making your website & social pages look Christmassy, but once Christmas has passed, it’s time to change your appearance again. Just like when you first take your Christmas decorations down at home it makes it look bare, this’ll happen to your website too.

Changing your appearance online doesn’t have to signal the end of your fun, you can still create a buzz for the run up to the new year!

Get your customers excited

You can build excitement easily through your website and social media channels.

Apply a new banner image, upload a new profile picture, host a countdown to your new year discounts, or host a competition.

New Year promotion

There’s no better way to end the year than by boosting your sales heading into the new year. New Year promotions are always a big hit with customers – especially if the deal is worth having.

Whether you’re looking to host a special reduction on chosen products or services, or you are offering discount codes, it’s a great way to boost sales before the end of the year and in January.

Send a New Year’s email

Many businesses send their customers an email for the New Year. It’s a nice touch and a great opportunity to thank them for their custom. But should you do this, to achieve the best response, you need to show your appreciation.

Reward them for being a subscriber to your emails. You can do this by offering them an exclusive deal – make the deal available to subscribers only. You’ll see a positive response. It will also help to stop anyone from unsubscribing, and it may even earn you some more sales.

Above all, be sincere in your email. Customers respond better to email subjects which use emotional language, according to Persado.

Hello New Year!

When all the festivities are over, it means going back to reality. Your website returns to its norm, along with your social media profiles. You may have some deals in place to celebrate the new year, but it all comes to an end.

What do you do now?

You plan – set some digital marketing New Year’s Resolutions. Reflect on the past year and see where you could have improved.

It’s like starting over again at volume 1 of this blog series, minus the festivities and mind-blowing Digital Marketing-Christmas hybrid puns of course!

Here are some online marketing aspects for you to reflect on:


Is it fully functional, responsive and mobile friendly? If there are lingering issues with your website, now is the time to look into them.


What will your ambitions be with SEO? If you want to increase sales or enquiries online, you’ll certainly need to work on your website’s search appeal and status. Obviously, make sure your website is ready for customers before you optimise it!

Social Media

Has your social media following expanded? Have your posts been stale? Think of new ways to spice up your social media. You may wish to assign someone to take charge of your social profiles.


New Year, new you? If you’re toying with the idea of changing your brand, then you’d profit from working with an experienced brand design agency.

New Year’s Resolution: create a digital strategy and stick to it!

You may already have your own personal New Year’s resolution – to cut down on chocolate or to join the gym – but why not set a separate one for your business too?

Your business’ New Year’s resolution could be to devote more time to the digital side of your business. We’re all busy people, but you must make time to work on your online presence. First impressions are everything, especially to your online visitors!

End of Vol. 5

That’s it folks, we’ve reached the end of our Digital Marketing at Christmas blog series. It’s been emotional!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed entertaining you over the festive period, and we hope that you have learned something from our 5 volumes.

If you’d like to get in touch, don’t be shy. Whether you want to know more about one of our volumes from the series or one of our services, let us know. Even if you want to give one of our famous Digital Marketing-Christmas hybrid puns a shout out, feel free to do so!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you next year!

The End!

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