Digital Marketing at Christmas: Volume 1 – Plan for the Festive Season

8th December 2017 / 5 minute read

christmas volume 1

He’s making a list, and checking it twice; gonna find out who’s marketing or not!

 We did warn you about the Digital Marketing-Christmas hybrid puns!

To kick this series off, we’ll start where all digital marketing strategies should begin – a plan!

Whether we like to admit it or not, the Christmas period begins much earlier than December first. As soon as Halloween and Bonfire Night are out the way, this is when many of us begin to hear the distant sound of bells jingling. It’s at this time you should begin planning exactly what you have to offer for Christmas.

If you planned for Christmas even earlier than November, then bravo. If you’ve left it until now, you need to get a move on!

Think Christmas for every segment of your business

Planning for Christmas requires time, innovation and patience. It may be a jubilant time for many, but it can be stressful should you leave everything to the last minute.

Effective digital marketing at Christmas is original, fresh and enticing. As with any branding or advertisement, it needs to be coherent with your brand, products and services.

To kick off your festive marketing planning, you should aim to create a brand which embraces Christmas and represents your trademark successfully. Corresponding with this, you need to know exactly what you as a business will be offering to celebrate Christmas and encourage custom.

In terms of your company’s image, an effective method is to create a consistent theme. This essentially means using the same wording, font or mascot to represent your business across every platform where you come into contact with a customer.

Although key in your marketing plan, there is a more to do yet.

Use a Christmas digital strategy checklist

Everyone loves a checklist, so here’s our Christmas marketing checklist. This will help you to cover each base of your digital marketing strategy and ensure you have a plan for your marketing over the Christmas period.

You should already have an approach for your digital marketing all year round anyway, but now you need to modify that plan for Christmas.

Some of the points on this checklist will be covered in more detail as we progress through the series.

Christmas deals or benefits

You must aim to catch the attention of customers. One of the best ways to do that is by offering something worth having. A Christmas deal is the ideal solution. If you can, offer a special & one-off deal, or offer Christmas discount codes to customers; both new and existing!

Suggestions for your customers

Customers at Christmas need help, and they appreciate support. If you are able to offer ideas and inspiration through gift suggestions or special festive bundles, it will help to boost sales and increase engagement.

Just think, if they have an enjoyable experience on your website, they’ll be more than likely to shop with you again even after Christmas.


What’s the plan for the design and structure of your website? Is it going to be customised for Christmas? Virtual Christmas decorating on a website has never hurt anyone, and it can grab the attention of site visitors.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest – are they displaying a new Christmas profile picture? Are they set to have Christmas content published on them? Don’t be afraid to spread the Christmas joy through amusing posts and promoting exclusive deals you’re offering for Christmas.

Customer outreach

Whether you’re planning to interact with customers through your website, social media, email campaign or other means of digital and printed media, you need to ensure that you know how you’re going to appeal to your target audience.

Think about your typical customers, how would you appeal to them? Utilise any historical data you have so you know what works and what doesn’t. And complete research too – there’s a great deal of information online about marketing at Christmas.

Consider each step of our checklist carefully and reflect on your objective for the festive period. Don’t be afraid to be imaginative in your marketing methods.

End of Vol. 1

The next part to this series is focussed on the design of your website for the festive season.

Start Volume 2 – Build a Virtual Christmas Grotto (Website).

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