Digital Marketing at Christmas: Volume 4 – Spread Christmas joy on social media

18th December 2017 / 5 minute read

christmas volume 4

Silent Night… is not what you want on social media!

As Buddy the elf says, “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.” This is the same for your social media activity over Christmas. If you want to spread your festivities and Christmas deals, you need to be singing loud (and regularly) across your social profiles.

Social media is going to be extremely popular over Christmas. According to Salesforce, 30% of Gen X and 48% of millennial consumers said they will be using social to find out about products to purchase.

There are two key traits to effectively managing your social profiles over Christmas. The first is to stay active through publishing relevant festive content. The second though is more significant – the planning and scheduling your content.

By having a clear strategy, you can refine exactly what you’re going to post, and when.

3 considerations for posting on social


By curating content ahead of time for social, you can use social media management tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to structure and schedule your posts. This means that you won’t be left on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day hastily posting just to be active.


When you come to draft, schedule or post something on your social media at any time of the year, you should be asking yourself, ‘what’s the point of this post?’ and ‘what is it saying to your followers and customers?’. It’s no different at Christmas, you need to carefully consider what you’re posting and whether it’s right to post it.


You have more opportunities to show your personality as a company at Christmas time. Because it’s a jubilant time of the year, you can push the barriers of informality. Show the jubilant spirits within your workplace, and utilise the opportunity to display your exclusive Christmas products or services in a creative way.

The underlying point here is innovation. If you want to attract the attention of a user and encourage custom, you need to be creative in your social.

Christmas is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with your followers and try out new things you may not necessarily try throughout the year. Upload images, write a blog, record a festive video, feel free to do anything creative that comes to mind.

Involve and feature employees

By allowing your employees to join the fun of your social media Christmas campaign, it will shine the best light on your working environment.

Here’s an idea for you: why not complete your very own version of Elf on the shelf? Dig out or buy a Christmas elf and then picture it around the workplace. It can be as ridiculous, funny or serious as you like. The key is to entertain and attract users.

With this idea, you can position the elf around the office to show off your working environment and staff. The content to accompany each image can be as inventive as you wish.

Why not combine some Christmas jingles with some information about your product or services?

This kind of social interactivity can be great fun and will really encourage your followers to keep up with your posts in the run up to Christmas.

Be ready to engage with consumers

Posting on social media is unquestionably key. By posting regularly, you’re displaying that you are ‘available’ to customers. With this activity in mind, you must be keeping track of your social profiles. Your customers may be getting in touch with you over social media, whether it’s on a post or through direct message.

End of Vol. 4

The finale to this series is focussed on looking forward to the New Year.

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