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19th March 2018 / 6 minute read

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Here’s my progress from writing student to digital marketing copywriter and content writer.

Whether you’re a passionate writer studying at university, or a wordsmith who wishes to write full-time, I suggest you explore the opportunity to become a writer in the digital marketing sector.

I remember the days when I was studying Creative Writing with English Language & Communications at Kingston University back in 2012. The only thing I knew when I graduated from college was that I wanted to be a writer in TV and film.

My dream hasn’t changed, I still want to get my dream job. But that’s exactly it, it’s a dream job. University made me realise that. I was up against people like me who were passionate about writing, and they were extremely talented. That’s not to say that I won’t achieve my dream – I’ll let you know when I’ve made it to Hollywood!

Adjust your career prospect – successful writers need hands-on experience first

It’s often the case that for those of us who went to university to study writing will have huge ambitions. We want to be the next J. K. Rowling, a leading journalist, and that screenwriter who is approached by Spielberg!

Some amazing advice I received

A lecturer once told me that to achieve my dream of becoming a screenwriter I must first gain other writing experience. They explained that many of the successful writers who have their work published and adapted into movies had other writing experiences before they were noticed.

This was great advice because it helped me to come to terms with what I realistically needed to achieve after my years of study. I came to a decision quickly that I needed to find myself a writing role which actually allowed me to write every single day. Hey presto!

So once my writing dreams were shattered into a million pieces, it was time to consider my options. I had to reflect on what I gained from my five years of higher education and decide on what my short term objective was going to be after graduating university.

My writing objective post uni

Was there a writing future for me after uni? I had no clue to be honest with you. Writing for the BBC was something I explored – a gardening job cropped up and I thought, “I could always work my way up.”

After moving on from the BBC, I did some research into the job roles you can get with a degree in creative writing. Copywriter was one of the most common results. I had no idea what it was, I thought it was a job revolved around copyrighting at first. But after reading more about it I thought, “you know what, let’s give this a go.”

A top tip from me for university students coming to the end of their studies

Best piece of advice I have for students at uni looking for their first writing job after uni is to start the job hunt before graduating.

The job hunt for a writing job began

I went on Indeed, applied for a couple of ‘Copywriter’ and ‘Content Writer’ type roles, and before I knew it, recruiters were coming out of nowhere to offer me work.

All of the roles I was being offered were all within the Digital Marketing sector. Some of them weren’t even writing roles, but hey ho, at the time a job was a job. It wasn’t long before I managed to secure an interview with an SEO agency in Hampshire. I had no idea what SEO was at the time, but it was a copywriting role!

I went to the interview for experience, but I only went and got the job. This was before I graduated university, but I was able to start there on a part-time basis and move into full time after graduation.

Digital Marketing is a great industry to be a part of, especially for writers

The demand for digital skills is increasing, and the digital market shows no sign of slowing down. Fortunately for us, writers have a big influence in this as content plays such a big role in all digital marketing and advertising directions.

Working in digital marketing has been amazing for my writing experience. The first agency I worked for gave me some basic ‘writing on the job’ experience that I needed. It also allowed me to learn about digital marketing and the process of search engine optimisation (SEO).

At university, I was writing, at times, fluffy (sometimes dark) and creative content. Digital marketing has allowed me to gain experience in writing for businesses and to customers, along with agency experience.

Find an agency that embraces writers, like Equals Creative does!

Not every digital marketing agency is the same when it comes to writing. The first agency I worked for had a poor outlook on content (which was frustrating). But since moving on from that agency and joining Equals Creative, whose focus on content is paramount, it’s great.

Whilst I’ve been here I’ve written all kinds of copy – content for websites, SEO copy, brochure content and opinionated articles. It’s not only the writing experience which has helped me develop my experience, it’s also the other processes involved in this role. I’m heavily involved with the strategic planning for our clients’ SEO campaigns and I help manage our personal social media account too.

Digital Marketing is the way forward for writers looking for their first job or a new challenge

Although my experience is very much based on the progression from university to a full time writing job, I think digital marketing itself is a great industry even for well-established writers who need a new challenge. There is a growing need for talented writers in digital marketing, so don’t pass up on the opportunity!

I would love to hear about your story too. If you’re a writer who has the privilege of writing every day, let us know what your journey was to get that role by commenting below.

Thanks for reading!

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