New Drinks Bottle and Can Deposit Return Scheme – A Great Opportunity for Marketers

13th April 2018 / 3 minute read


There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the new drinks bottle and can deposit return scheme. Although the new scheme is a great solution to cut waste and production of plastic, it’s also an opportunity for businesses and marketers to help to the cause and advertise their brand in the process.

The idea behind this new scheme is that customers will have to pay a deposit when they buy drinks bottles and cans. They will however be able to get the money back by returning the container to the store.

Full details of the scheme are yet to be confirmed, such as the price of the deposit. The recycling system is being used in other countries. Germany’s price is 22p, whilst in Sweden it’s just 8p.

The BBC reported that UK consumers use around 13 billion plastic drinks bottles a year, with more than three billion not being recycled.

Although the scheme would make purchasing bottled and can drinks in stores more expensive, it will help to boost recycling and prevent waste.

Great opportunity for businesses and marketers

Why is this a great opportunity for your business or brand? Because now you have a great reason to invest in creating your own branded, reusable drinkware.

The scheme may be great in encouraging people to recycle plastic, but it is also making drinks more expensive and the process of returning bottles time consuming. We expect to see a rise in people deciding to use reusable cups. So why not jump on the bandwagon and create your own branded reusable cup?

Get your brand out there

By creating your branded drinkware, you will be able to give them out to your employees as well as your customers when they come to visit you. Not only will you be getting your business’ name out there, but you’ll be helping to keep the environment clean.

There are many promotional product businesses which will help you create your branded cups. An example being Vistaprint – they have a promo section their site which offers more than just drinkware.

If you would like a cool design for your own branded drinkware, then feel free to get in touch – I would be more than capable of working with you to create a tailored design!

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