Facebook advertising, is it the best use of your marketing budget?

14th December 2016 / 6 minute read

Facebook advertising

Why aren’t we getting the response we need from our Facebook campaign?

When business owner Nick approached Equals Creative for advice on his company’s Facebook advertising, he was virtually tearing his hair out. “We’ve been running our ad for weeks and not getting the response we wanted. It’s the biggest platform; everyone is on Facebook. We’ve got to have a presence if we’re going to compete digitally with our competitors. It works well for other businesses, how complicated can it be?”

The short answer we gave Nick: Not complicated at all. If your business is right for Facebook and you’ve considered all the relevant points, Facebook can be a great way to deliver your brand’s message and engage with your customers at low-cost. We also understand it can seem pretty daunting launching a Facebook campaign, which is why we’re sharing the fundamental questions we ask when solving dilemma like Nick’s. So hold onto that figurative hair whilst we talk through whether Facebook advertising really is the best use of your budget.

Is my Facebook ad right for my audience?

Audience Personas

Facebook is only a good use of your budget if your content is highly relevant, engaging and shareable. There’s little of hope of achieving this before you’ve accurately defined who your audience are. Facebook really comes into it’s own here with the huge amount of data it collects on its users, enabling you to develop your brand’s audience personas. These personas – a group of key users exhibiting similar behaviours and lifestyle choices – are filtered down to create a fictitious identity, and can be referenced to guide your Facebook campaign. Using personas in your Facebook campaign not only offers a low-cost solution to targeting your customers, it also enables you to really delve into the identity of your audience members; improving the likelihood of your content being relevant and shareable to them.

Choosing the right Facebook ad

No matter what your budget is, you will waste your money unless your content is highly engaging. Once you’ve narrowed down the audience for your Facebook campaign you can focus on creating high quality content. This starts with choosing the right type of ad for your campaign. Ask yourself these questions:

Lots of brands make the mistake of bombarding and confusing their customers by trying to achieve too many Facebook goals with one ad campaign. Being realistic and focussing on one initial objective will really help get your brand’s message across and maximise the efficiency of your budget.

How do I know if my Facebook campaign is really working?

For any business, there is a natural dilemma with Facebook and it’s billion users; all the content they generate competing for attention in users’ News Feeds. In order to gauge whether your brand’s message is getting heard in this environment it’s vital to see a campaign through to the end by testing your results. You may choose to split-test your campaign by running two different texts and images, allowing Facebook to choose the most successful ad and run with it. But don’t be tempted to run your ad and forget about it; analyse your results, look at the insights, decide on what worked and what didn’t, and follow up.

Use the insights and analytics tools to your advantage, Facebook will not do this for you. Facebook has a plethora of analysis tools and guides to help you understand your ad campaign performance. Tweak, modify and change this as much as you like, whilst considering that you will need to allow time for the changes you make to give you new data. It’s a continuous process of learning and no ad is ever finished.

simple tips to make an awesome facebook page

Nick now knows that Facebook advertising isn’t the most difficult thing in the world, but he’s conscious he must remember that Facebook’s objective is to get him to spend as much of his advertising budget as possible. His responsibility is to spend his money effectively and strategically.

It’s important not to leave your ad in the hands of Facebook and expect it to excel. If you’re prepared to back up any financial investment with enough time spent exploring and experimenting on a highly targeted audience, and a relevant and engaging ad, Facebook advertising can be a low-cost advertising solution which can boost your business in a short space of time.

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