Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube – What’s best to target for social engagement?

22nd October 2015 / 4 minute read

What's the best to target for social engagement

Each social media platform is conceptually different, so you must learn to treat them differently, as each will attract a different type of customer in a different kind of way.


Facebook – The largest and most popular social networking website for companies wanting to advertise to new audiences. The Facebook ad network is very powerful allowing you to drill down on the exact target audience to suit your business, product or service. It is also the most active social network.

Over 1.4 billion active Facebook users. An active user spends more than 20 minutes per day on Facebook.

This is definitely a network where if your content is good and your posts and ads are strong, you will get reward.

Twitter – simply put, this is the quickest way to gain attention and ‘followers’ without investing a huge amount of money or time. As long as your content is interesting and you interact with others/follow other people, you will eventually find yourself with a good and engaged following. Posting more often smaller bites of useful content on Twitter is a great way to attract new visitors.

Google+ – Google plus is a bit of a red herring. Although one of the largest social networks, the network lacks social engagement as a social network. There are some SEO benefits to using Google plus but as a general social engagement platform at the moment, it is generally one of the weakest. Google communities however is a very powerful marketing tool and it allows you engage in conversation with like minded communities and gives you opportunity to connect with targeted audiences.


Youtube ~ Using videos is definitely an extremely engaging way of advertising. Youtube’s advertising potential is incredible, and a great way of growing an audience for your product or service. Youtube content must be done right. It has the usual problem as with all social media, in that it is saturated with bad content, so spending a day putting together a good quality video relating to your company is time well invested. Creating videos is not only a great experience to team build, but also a great way to increase your skill-set and advertise your company in a very visual way. Potential customers will love to see a versatile and creative company and it gives you an opportunity to present your content in a much more visual way. If you can get behind it, youtube is a very powerful asset to your business.

Using social media doesn’t have to be complicated, no matter what your business is, there will be a way of #connecting. Just make sure your social links relate to your values.

You have a choice to make on how important social media is to your business and where it should be positioned on your website. Put small Icons in the footer or header, or make a specific ‘social page’ on your website if social media is important to your businesses’ growth strategy. To be more targeted, you can have areas on your website dedicated to one specific social platform (the one you use the most, be that Facebook for example) and implement recent posts, a big button to link to your chosen network and voila, you have a taster of what’s available on your Facebook page if your user wants to get involved.

Remember to keep it original, valuable and specific to your client base, as ultimately this is what will get you good social engagement and a following.

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