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22nd November 2017 / 4 minute read

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SEO today requires a great deal of work and essentially comes down to research, strategy and execution. There’s a variety of things you can be doing to improve the presence of your website online, and one of the techniques is ensuring your business’ website has its own free Google listing. This can be created through ‘Google My Business’.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free listing on Google for your business and website. It makes it easy for business owners to increase their online presence and allow their potential local customers to find them easily. The free listing on Google is managed by any individual in the business; business owner or digital marketing manager.

It’s proven to be extremely effective in helping businesses to rank better locally and become more discoverable. According to Moz’s Local Search Ranking Factors Survey, Google My Business is known to be one of the biggest solutions for local SEO success for businesses up and down the country.

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The benefits of Google My Business

The main appeal is that it helps local searchers to find relevant businesses. If a user searches ‘sweet shops’ and they’re based in Surrey, and you’re a business owner of a sweet shop in Surrey, then with a Google listing, you could be the business to appear in the results. It depends on where they’re based and whether it is a respectable

Thanks to Google My Business, your business’ website can be visible on Google Search or Maps.

Google Search Sidebar

For Google Search on a desktop, the listing for your business will look very professional appearing on the sidebar. The side section where your listing will appear on Search is known as a knowledge panel, this is where your business name will appear. It will also show pictures of your business (you determine these images, except the location on the map), Google reviews (if you don’t have any, get some!), contact details, opening hours and more.

Searching on a mobile device will provide the same details, however, the listing will appear in the centre of your screen rather than on the sidebar.

Google Maps

Google My Business is very good for your presence on Google Maps too. You will be listed if the user decides to search for local shops, restaurants or any other criteria whilst on Google Maps and even on a regular search.

As an example, if you search ‘places to eat in Guildford’, then those places with a Google My Business listing and positive reviews will be the first to be listed with the relevant information.

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In terms of local results, Google My Business is a must have. The ranking factors of a Google My Business listing includes the relevance of the search, the location & distance, the activity of the listing and the reputation.

Now you have your listing, optimise it!

Many people decide to create their listing and then leave it because they think that will help them rank better for local searches. That is correct, but an outdated or inactive listing is as much use as an empty blog.

Google My Business requires regular work. Add new photos, create regular posts to feature underneath your listing, check your opening times, choose relevant and accurate categories to categorise your listing, and work on getting your customers to leave HONEST reviews for your business.

It all contributes to making your listing look legitimate and rank better on Google. If your listing ranks well and looks appealing, then the more chance you’ll have of attracting site visitors.

Create your free Google listing today

Setting up and managing your Google My Business listing is much easier than you think. Find out more by heading to the official Google My Business page.

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