The Google rebrand… should you rebrand?

6th October 2015 / 6 minute read

Google rebrand

“Nowadays, it’s not enough to just have an all-singing, all dancing logo. In 2015, it’s about how you can adapt a brand to fit every possible platform, across audio, visuals and in the flesh.”

Google logo rebrand

Re-branding your company is a daunting task at the best of times, even more so if you have a loyal following of users and a reputable brand which is well known for its appearance and logo style. For a company as well known and influential as Google you can only assume that any change they make has to be perfect and in my opinion, I think they have succeeded in doing so.

Before the most recent change Google has updated their brand a few times clearly modernising each turn but keeping the logo similar in order to enhance rather than change their well-known brand.

Google are the leaders in design and technology trends as each change they make is always relative to what’s currently popular. Simple changes to their logo such as removing gradients and drop shadows and replacing them with flat colours make so much sense as for the past few years design (even more so in web design) has been moving towards a very minimalist and flat style.

So lets take a look at the most recent update and talk about certain points that you can ask yourself if you’re considering a re-brand for your own business:

In terms of colours, google has a rather unique situation as its colours haven’t really ever changed. In my opinion, I think the strongest part of their logo is the choice of colours as they are so original that without them the ‘google’ logo would be nothing more than a standard piece of type with no unique personality. This goes to show you how important colours are when it comes to branding, they express personality and emotion and in googles instance a friendly and playful feel, making the brand approachable to pretty much anyone despite being a giant within the technological market.

In the Google rebrand they have taken a big step in font change. The move from serif to sans serif font shows how they are modernising their brand to keep within current trends but also opening up their brand to expand into other areas with its ability to be easily scaled.

The reason why being easily scalable is so important nowadays is due to the mass amount of different screen sizes and devices that people use, having a logo that is malleable opens up so many opportunities for a big company like google (or should I say ‘Alphabet?’) as they will constantly be looking to expand, two examples being android wears watch face scaling in at a tiny 2.5 inches versus a huge 55 inch TV playing Chromecast.

You also have to look at the font not just a static scale, but from an animated point of view too. People respond better to moving objects than a static image so using a typeface that is so clean and primarily designed using the same circle as a base and turning that into moving dots like google has done bring the logo to life and make it even more exciting. The future of logos and marketing is the moving image, once again google show us that their simple logo change is already preparing for the future…

Keeping in trend with your market is an obvious choice to make but one that many companies don’t take into enough consideration. Being able to compete on an aesthetic level not only gets you noticed more than your competitors but makes you look more professional and attractive for customers to approach. Take a look at what your competitors are doing, themes in appearance always appear in specific markets, but always remember to try and keep it original while taking inspiration from others.

Google rebrand

If you’re going to ‘do a google’ ask yourself what you think you need to change.

Do you just need updating and modernising? If so, should you be changing all of it or just a certain part. The most important part about a brand is how rememberable it is, so changing too many things too often can show a sense of indecision and people wont relate as easily as they would to a brand that has made minor changes along the way, updating what needs it. Consistency is key, once you have something that you are happy with, all you have to do is upgrade and tweak according to the current trends and where you think its going in the future.

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