Our Guide to Writing Effective SEO Content

3rd August 2017 / 5 minute read

It’s no secret that with Digital Marketing – Search Engine Optimisation in particular – content is still very much one of the main priorities to achieving great rankings on the major search engines.

The nitty gritty of optimising a website can be confusing. With each approach to optimising your website, you need a plan. Whether you’re at the stage of designing your website or producing content for the main pages of your site, your approach will be pivotal to the success of your website.

We’ll cover the many other aspects of SEO another time, but for now, let’s focus on writing good SEO content that works.

Writing SEO Content – 7 Things You Should Consider

Target audience – as the business owner or an employee at a business, you will know your target audience better than anyone, and it’s no different to when you write content for your website. Always write for your customers, not the search engines. Writing content for the sake of it is not the answer; meaningful content that people can read, enjoy and learn is what you should always produce.

Keyword research and implementation – Your content doesn’t need to be written with a sole focus on your researched keywords. The keyword density of your content shouldn’t be high at all, within the single digits percentage wise. As long as you write naturally, you will incorporate keywords and the variations of them, making your content popular with search engines.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT keyword stuff – content should always be engaging for a human, not a search engine or bot. Stuffing keywords into your website content or blog posts is not the way to create good quality SEO content; you want to encourage engagement and actions.

Link building – it’s important to hyperlink in your content, whether it’s content for your main website or a blog post. Whether you are referencing another website or you wish to encourage your users to dive further into your website, building your internal links is important, as much as any relevant external links – there’s no need to be afraid of external linking. It’s a myth that external links are bad for your website.

Entertain your reader – entertaining your reader is key. If you want your work to be spread across the digital world and seen by millions, then engaging, quality and entertaining copy will do that for you. Try to make your content entertaining and as fun as possible – readers are more likely to share websites or blogs that make them feel good across social media.

Use images – images should always be inserted into content, no one wants to see a massive bulk of content on a website or blog. Whether you’re a graphic designer and you want to display your talent, or you want to find commercially free to use images for your blog, images shouldn’t be ignored. Their purpose isn’t only to make a blog look better, they’re also effective for your site’s SEO; with the insertion of relevant alt text for each image you use.

Be creative – your content should always be unique and tailored to you and your business; allowing your personality to shine through. Be as creative as you like with your writing, don’t be afraid of your creative juices flowing!

Feel free to share your content writing stories with us. If you have an amazing piece of content that you’re proud of, we’d love to read it!

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