Halloween Marketing: How we changed a brand for Halloween

25th October 2017 / 5 minute read

Being a creative agency, it is always part of our strategy to think ahead in terms of marketing for every special occasion. Halloween is a wonderful occasion for businesses to embrace the themes of Halloween and apply them into their marketing and branding.

The creation of a unique brand for Halloween.

Because we have a team of the right creative individuals, it makes it very easy for us to bounce ideas off each other to conjure an exclusive Halloween themed brand for our clients. And this is exactly what we did with our client, Melloo.

Why did we choose Melloo?

Melloo was the perfect client to customise. As a primary teaching resource provider, it made sense to turn the website into a themed version of the original website.

The overall essence of Melloo is that it’s concise, light-hearted and exciting; making it ideal for Halloween decorating. The Halloween themes we injected into the site perfectly matched the charm of the standard Melloo website.

How we did it – branding.

The Melloo branding was brilliant to customise. We decided to utilise the playful Melloo logo to essentially add the Halloween features.

This is what we created!

logo pumpkin

As you can see, we created two Melloo Halloween style logos. This meant that we could add both the pumpkin and ghost logo in place of the original logo and alternate between the two. This means that when a site visitor lands or loads a new page on the website, the logo in the top left corner will either present the pumpkin Melloo brand or the ghostly Melloo logo.

Let’s not forget the Halloween resources.

Along with the Melloo brand change, we also created a new Halloween themed centrepiece for the homepage of the website.

When you land on the homepage, you will notice three graphics highlighting specific Halloween resources. This is yet another feature we created. And if you look carefully, you will notice that the spider webs on the three sections of the graphics are in line with each other.

Have you created a special Halloween themed website? Why not send it to us on Twitter so we can take a look!

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