Meet Our New Full Stack Developer, Simon

8th April 2019 / 2 minute read

Another day, another developer joins Equals Labs!

Simon joins Equals Collective with a wealth of technology and development experience.

Simon’s background originally resided in motorsport engineering. What he enjoyed most about it was the exciting technology surrounding the industry, and the problem solving nature of it.

After gaining his qualification, Simon regained his passion for programming, which he had a passion for from a young age. What surprised him most was that a lot of the principles in motorsport engineering also applied to programming. This therefore kick-started Simon’s career in development.

Simon began his career working as a front end web developer for a range of SMEs to help deliver unique and marketable websites. Simon said, “I quickly found that my skills and interests were best placed with back end technologies. Mostly because I enjoy coming up with unique solutions to complex problems and leveraging the use of new and emerging technology to create performant and scalable software.

Simon was very excited to jump right in here at EC:

“After hearing about Equals Collective I was keen to be a part of the team. Not only for my own personal development, but also to work with a team of like minded and talented individuals to deliver unique and innovative technology solutions. I am proud to be a part of the team and I am excited at what we can achieve now and moving forward in the future.”

A fun fact about Simon, he is an identical twin. There is a possibility that we’ve met Simon’s twin here at Equals and not even realised!

Welcome to the team Simon!

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