Online Business: Emotion in Web Design

23rd September 2016 / 4 minute read

We are influenced by emotion and in order to realise what potential emotions a website can bring we must understand how we get emotion in web design.

Emotion in web design

Emotion is an extremely important aspect of web design, because it enables you to create a real relationship with your visitors. If you can achieve an emotive response from them, they will remember the experience long after everything else.

Typography portrays emotion just as much as an image or sound. There are four font major groups to consider when choosing your font, these are serif, sans-serif, script and decorative styles. These are:

“Typography portrays emotion just as much as an image or sound.”

Which of font groups are you going to use in your designs?

Fonts should match your design intention, they should interest your users and should never be randomly chosen based on how they look. If you choose the right font, it will heighten your emotional story and connection you have with your user.

Lets take a look at colour, being one of the best solutions in conveying emotion in your web design. It’s been proven over and over again that humans will relate colour with emotion, take fast food restaurant logo’s for instance…Burger king, McDonalds and KFC all use red in their branding, along with two of them using yellow as well. This is a prime example of brands using colours to associate themselves with a particular industry or type of service.

Colours set the standard for the type of website and the message it will convey, thus making it an extremely important factor! Here are some simple examples of colour theory and the types of emotion they can convey:

Orange: Friendly, but love it or hate it
Blue: Trustworthy, Dependable, Secure
Yellow: Happy, Optimistic, Clarity,
Green: Peaceful, Growth, Relaxing
Grey: Balance, Neutral, Reliable, Intelligent
Black: Luxurious, Powerful, Authoritative
Red: Exciting, Youthful, Urgent, Attention Grabbing
Purple: Creative, Imaginative, Uplifting

Emotion in web design

Take this into consideration when choosing your colours for your brand and your website and look at example sites that are successful in your area of expertise.

Of course your content is important, but there are several important factors to consider when approaching your content. Choose your wording wisely. Do you want to come across as friendly, professional, a knowledge leader etc? Are they visiting your site for a laugh, help, authority or inspiration?

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’

Images are a great way to portray emotion. Think of images that make you feel emotion, maybe a photograph, a classic painting or even a sketch? Any image can provoke your deepest emotion but must compliment your content.

Images are generally matched with content, to support and aid the text. To be successful with your images, you must relate to your audience. Using large images or videos of your team can be a great way to come across as a friendly and personal company.

A little emotion goes a long way, try it for yourself and let us know whether you see any results.

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