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Our tips to get the most from your business card design

12th Oct 2015 / 5 minute read

Creating a business card isn’t as simple as merely placing your details and logo on a small piece of card…A business card isn’t a business card without contact information!
Your name and business logo/name must be visible, along with a phone...

business cards bar

The Google rebrand… should you rebrand?

6th Oct 2015 / 6 minute read

“Nowadays, it’s not enough to just have an all-singing, all dancing logo. In 2015, it’s about how you can adapt a brand to fit every possible platform, across audio, visuals and in the flesh.”

Re-branding your company is a daunting task...

Google logo rebrand

4 Steps to creating the perfect Facebook ad

22nd Sep 2015 / 3 minute read

1. First you need to GET NOTICED
Get your reader’s ATTENTION by enticing them in with an interesting image.
The most important thing in your perfect Facebook Ad is the image. I’m not talking about an image that you chosen randomly from google...

4 steps to creating the perfect facebook ad