Quick-Fire Tips to Improve Your Social Media Presence

18th August 2017 / 6 minute read

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The world of social media is simply enormous. If you don’t have a social media profile, then you’re considered to be as mysterious as someone who is yet to see Game Of Thrones – which is also extremely rare, as rare as a unicorn sighting. If you don’t have a regular profile on any social media platform for domestic reasons, then you more than likely have one for your professional profile or company page.

Let’s just give a little bit of background so that you can relate and introduce our quick-fire points to your current or new social media profiles. If you’re a little more experienced with social media and you want to head straight to our quick-fire tips, then scroll a little further down.

Create Relevant Social Media Profiles 

If you are someone who has recently started a business and you’re just finding your feet, then it’s of great importance to get your new business out there as soon as you can. One of the best ways to do this is by creating virtual profiles for your business and then interacting with people across them through posts and directly chatting with other users. Depending on the industry your business is a part of, you could hugely benefit from many social media profiles, yet each business is different, so consider your options carefully.

Depending on the industry your business is a part of, you could hugely benefit from many social media profiles, yet each business is different, so consider your options carefully.

Social media suitability

As an example of social media suitability, if you are opening an art gallery or want to advertise your graphic design work, then Facebook and Instagram would be fantastic for you. However, if you’re a company that provides accounting services, then Instagram may not really be useful to you.

Using our fine example of an artist or graphic designer on Facebook, you can arrange it so that you have an online store on your Facebook page, as well as upload images, add your location and even personalise the page itself to match your brand. In terms of Instagram, its popularity is increasing, which makes it the perfect platform to present your work and allow others to admire and comment on it too.

Social media popularity – this is why you need it

According to Smart Insights, the most popular social network is Facebook, which has over 1,870 million active users. There is a number of social media platforms available to you, but when you compare the most popular with another that isn’t as popular, in this case, LinkedIn (which has 106 million active users) it still has a lot of users for you to appeal to.

Having multiple social media accounts is very important, however, having suitable social media profiles is more important – so choose carefully.

Our 7 Social Media Quick-Fire Tips

Right, let’s get down to the main reason for this post of ours. As a digital marketing company that offers social media management, strategy and implementation, we thought this would be a great opportunity to give you some quick tips for expanding your presence on social media.

Strap yourselves in, these are our quick-fire tips!

Tip 1 – decorate your social media profiles in your own unique branding.

It doesn’t matter which social media platforms you are using, you need to ensure they all represent your brand effectively. Just think of your social media profiles as digital shop windows for your business – it could be the first part of the business that any potential customers see. You want to set the best example!

Tip 2 – be active and stay active. 

Post regularly. What about? Anything you like. Social media is a platform where you can either post about the latest news, speak about a new product or service of yours, or even express a random thought of yours. It’s your business’ page, so you can come across in any way you like.

Tip 3 – interact with your followers, people love to talk… or type. 

It’s simple, people love to communicate with each other. Whether it’s talking about the latest news, talking about your passions or just saying hi to someone, people enjoy sharing their experience.

Tip 4 – share your website information, including blog posts.

Although you can build up a following on social media, you will want to convert those followers into real life customers, and spreading your website’s details is extremely important to do that.

Tip 5 – always offer original content on each platform – don’t fall in the copy & paste trap!

Some people fall into the trap of posting the exact same post across each of their social media profiles with the assistance of copy & paste. It’s much better to offer your followers something original on each platform – you’ll notice that you’ll get more attention on your activity.

Tip 6 – don’t be afraid to use images and infographics, maybe even employ a visual marketing strategy!

Visuals are extremely important when it comes to digital marketing as a whole, especially for social media. According to Brain Rules, if you read or hear a piece of information you are less likely to retain the information, however, by adding a picture or infographic, you’ll remember 65% of the information three days later – this is compared to 10% without the use of images (source: http://www.brainrules.net/vision).

Tip 7 – implement keywords strategically into your profile and posts, but don’t cram them in.

Social media profiles are discoverable on search engines, which means that keyword implementation is important to help people find you online. Writing naturally will often add search phrases you wish to be discovered for, so don’t focus too heavily on inserting as many keywords as possible.

Take advantage of the weekend feeling!

The weekend is a better time than any to get your social media strategy underway and begin interacting with people. Users are always on social media and the weekend is a great opportunity to begin talking with others.

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