Changes to Twitter – The Introduction of a ‘Save For Later’ Button and Double the Tweet Characters!

12th October 2017 / 4 minute read

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When you come across a great tweet and you want to show your appreciation, what do you do? Give it a like? Leave a comment? Retweet it? Soon you could have another option to appreciate and remember a tweet you really liked!

Twitter is known for their openness to accept feedback from their user. The last suggestion made by Twitter users was an edit button (admittedly, we haven’t seen this develop much), but now the latest suggestion is the call for a ‘Save For Later’ button on all tweets. #SaveForLater!

Bookmark tweets to save for later.

The new bookmark feature will allow tweeters to save any tweet for later. This means whether it’s someone else’s tweet or your own, you can privately save it and read it again on a later date.

Want to see the idea in action?

The idea is currently undergoing development through Twitter’s product manager, Jesar Shah, and the company’s vice president of product, Keith Coleman. A release date for the bookmark feature hasn’t been disclosed, but Jesar Shah’s tweet revealed the prototype of the feature.

twitter screenshot

Twitter is now welcoming feedback from its users to refine the feature further.

How it could help?

Being able to save the tweet without publicly liking it will help many users. We all ‘like’ to save tweets for many reasons – it’s not always to endorse or agree with what someone is saying. With the new bookmark feature, you will have a dedicated section where you can go through your saved items in private.

Can’t you already save tweets?

You can save tweets, but it means you will have to sign up to a third-party service. Pocket is a popular one to save tweets on.  But if Twitter do introduce this, it will save us all a lot of time and effort.

Twitter are experimenting with 280 character tweets.

Along with their new bookmark prototype, Twitter have also announced that they’re testing 280-character tweets. 140 characters for many of us is difficult to stick to, but would 280 help you out? Well, you’ll soon find out – it’s something that will be available to every Twitter user.

Some users have experimented with double the characters the rest of us are limited to, and there’s been a mixed response to it, of course.

Are you looking forward to these modifications? Or would you prefer to see an edit button introduced to Twitter?

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