Stagecoach Online User Experience – Buying a Ticket!

24th May 2018 / 5 minute read

stagecoach online ux

Buying a bus ticket is easy, right?

Not on the Stagecoach website! 

Three of us at the EC office have bought a monthly bus pass online for the Artington Park & Ride service into Guildford, but it wasn’t easy.

This is the typical route we all took to buy a ticket.


stagecoach homepage

It doesn’t look too bad, does it? You’re presented with a number of options right away. Clear as day too.

For us buying a ticket, it made sense to move through to ‘Tickets’.


stagecoach pricing

We’re hit with three types of ‘popular tickets’. None of which are the tickets we’re looking for. We’re not even sure if our tickets come under one of these categories. But wait, there’s a search for ticket function!

Search Ticket Function — we type Artington under ‘From’, which spells out ‘Ferry Lane, Artington, Guildford’. Is this the correct bus stop (we only know it as Artington)?

Under ‘To’, we type Guildford to produce ‘Guildford, Surrey’, which is fine.

It says ‘Find My Ticket’ with the options of leaving, arriving, times and number of passengers.

To us, it doesn’t really sound like the options for a monthly pass. But let’s go ahead.

Ticket Results

Hey presto, the results – a range of tickets and routes. None of which are what we’re looking for. It’s telling us to get the 523 bus, but we know our bus is the 200 Artington bus!

Back we go now to ‘Tickets’, then ‘All Tickets’.

All Tickets

ticket pricing

We’ve got the pickings of every ticket now. There they are again, the ‘popular tickets’ we don’t need and ‘all other tickets’.

We scroll down to ‘longer than a week’, click it and there we have it, top result!

tickets page stagecoach

Poor UX & usability

This was not an easy journey. On the first attempt it’s extremely frustrating to find the specific Artington 28 day pass for £28. Second attempt is slightly easier. You’re able to top-up your smart travel card because it stores your previous ticket information. Which is a great feature!

Refine users’ options

It shouldn’t be this confusing, frustrating and time-consuming to purchase a ticket. The main issue seems to be that there are too many ticket options.

Stagecoach need to refine their offerings and provide a range of tickets to suit all users on their website. Providing three ‘popular’ tickets is clearly not good enough for all users.

Points to consider for your own website

  • Make your website easy to navigate – the usability and UX of your site needs to be simple and clear for all platforms.
  • You can easily complete a similar UX step-by-step process like we just did for the Stagecoach site. How does your site fair? Let us know if you decide to give it a go!
  • Consider all of your users and potential customers when creating your website.

Struggling with your website’s usability?

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