Unseen Laws of SEO – User Experience

17th April 2019 / 4 minute read

Content Marketer Tom & Designer Woody

We’ve been saying this for a while – User Experience is a ranking factor on Google. And it has more of an effect than you think.

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If you follow me on LinkedIn you will know that I am a big fan of Neil Patel. I regularly read and view his content, but his video on The Three Unseens Laws of SEO really stood out to me. Mostly because it echoes everything that we here at Equals Velocity stand for.

Google uses User Metrics to help it decide on which websites to rank.

User Metrics include:


These metrics all point to the User Experience (UX) of your website.

If you’ve absolutely killed it with your UX, then your users won’t hit that back button and bounce straight off your site, they will spend enough time on the site to go through the site’s journey, and they will actively browse multiple web pages on your site.

Google will essentially use these metrics and compare them with all the other websites that are ranking for those terms. If you have good user metric stats that are stronger than your competitors then Google will be much kinder to you.


neil patel quote

When SEO first existed people could load a website with all the keywords; in headings, in content, in their page titles, in their meta description, and even in their meta keywords (which, luckily, are no longer a ranking factor!) to rank.

Google is much smarter now. You’ve got to create an experience for your users that suits them, but most importantly, they like and enjoy browsing.

Of course, there are ways to ensure that you rank well with optimised and engaging content, or through building backlinks and applying other technical SEO techniques. Ultimately it all comes down to the user. But then so should everything in the tech world.

You need a good product and service to contribute to your UX.

Part of your UX will ultimately rely on your product and service. A lot of the giants in the tech world, like Slack, Dropbox and Airbnb are where they are today because of their product, service and UX.

These companies have focused on creating the best User Experiences for people, not on their SEO. Hell, they don’t need to worry about standing out online because their brand, product and service is so recognisable.

airbnb image examples

Airbnb improved their UX with… photography.

Neil Patel touched on how Airbnb boosted their own UX.

They found that for those people who had professional photographers sent to their home saw their conversion rates shoot up. Why? Because Airbnb users like to see real photos of the properties they were looking for. It’s personal and the quality of the images allowed them to see exactly how the property looked.

That’s a great example of effective UX.

It’s about standing out, it’s about being niche, it’s about offering something different and valuable to people.

There are two other Unseen Laws of SEO that Neil Patel touches on, so do check out his video.

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