Useful Online Browser Tools

27th July 2017 / 4 minute read

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Everybody loves a shortcut, and here at Equals Creative, we use a juicy selection of web browser based tools to help speed us up through a day of design.

Dimmy Club

Dimmy is a website that allows you to place mockups into different screen types with the click of a button. You can even batch create mock-ups. This saves so much time! We use these to show clients what their website would look like on a real device, just for that extra wow factor.


Unsplash is a free image website full of high-quality photos that are great for mock up designs. This website features some of the best quality free images on the web and has become extremely popular in recent years with designers. You can download as many photos as you like without having to sign up. Unsplash just gives you a little nudge to credit the photographer where possible, after all, without them, Unsplash wouldn’t exist.



Brand-Colours is a great website for referencing and learning about some of the best colour combinations on the planet. This tool simply lets you discover every hex value in all the popular brand identities. You can mix and match these colours to create the perfect colour combination for your new brand or website!

Google – Fonts

You’ve probably heard of it, Google Fonts is a great source for some of the best free to use fonts around. You can download the font files straight from the site – with no login required – and quickly add them to your software of choice. It also lets you instantly copy the HTML and CSS code for quick implementation of a font into your site.


This one’s a bit special. Our own developer whipped this one up. Lorem is a simple lorem ipsum generator for filling test web/design content. Best of all, it’s completely free. You can customise a number of sentences and paragraphs with a simple UI.


IcoMoon is an iconography site with over 4000+ free icons that you can download and use on your website. You can even download the app and optimise each individual icon. They also have a huge variety of paid icons too! The ability to download them all in a zip pack, SVG ready means you can focus more on using them in your design as opposed to trawling through and downloading hundreds of icons.


Invision is an application that allows you to control how the client sees the finished design prototypes. You can place your designs into a variety of mockups and send over a link to the client for their reviewal/comments. The software allows you to use simple animations and effects to bring your prototype to life.



Grabient allows you to generate gradients and simply copy the CSS code for your developers to use. This is really handy for creating unique gradient patterns on websites. You can even set multiple favourite gradients to come back to later on the site.

These are just a few that we use to help aid our workflow and keep things moving during the design process. Let us know if you end up using them or have any of your own that you might recommend.

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