UX agency vs SEO agency – who should you work with?

17th November 2017 / 6 minute read

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This may seem like an odd match-up – considering we’re a Digital Marketing & User Experience agency offering both UX design and Search Engine Optimisation. However, there is method to our madness.

As an agency that is experienced with both procedures, we can review our approach and compare it to other agencies who specifically specialise in UX design or SEO. It’s not a blog to say who’s better, it’s a blog to direct you to an agency that will suit YOUR specific needs; in regards to the current state of your website (if you’ve got a site that is).

Every business has a vision for their website, and each website is at its own stage of reaching that objective. We hope that this blog will help you to make a decision on who to work with.

UX agency vs SEO agency

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To begin, let’s take a look at, typically, how each agency differs. This will even help to show you what both user experience and search engine optimisation actually is if you’re still slightly unsure.

UX agency view:

Start from the ground up. Begin by focussing on the website’s design with aim of improving its user experience and usability. By doing so, it will allow your site visitors to use the website easily, and therefore, help them in forming positive relationship with the site and business from the off. UX agencies will focus on:

Through design, research and testing, you will gain a fully functioning website that is optimised to suit your typical users.

ux vs seo

SEO agency view:

Take on a client and begin by creating and implementing a strategy for the search engine optimisation journey. By coming up with an approach to achieve natural rankings, they will adopt a holistic approach. The range of services will include:

SEO is an ongoing process, so they will continue to work on optimising your website over time, combined with increasing your exposure through external sites and processes.

The main difference

As you will see, the approaches are very different. The main reason being that their specialisms, and therefore, their focusses differ. UX agencies are focussed on the usability and quality of your website for site visitors, whilst SEO agencies want to get your website visible on the major search engines so potential customers can find the site.

The meaning of their ethics compared to your needs

This essentially means that although both care for the success of your website, they both focus on different aspects of your site.

So, the dilemma really is whether your website requires a professional UX eye to look over it, or whether you’re happy with the website’s design and you just need people to visit your faultless site.

Many agencies are more like hybrid digital marketing agencies, which offer both of the services along with many others. These are suitable if you are looking to build a good website to begin with whilst wanting to ensure people can then find your beautiful new website.

UX could play a bigger part of SEO in the future!

Search engine algorithms are always changing and adapting – that’s one of the biggest difficulties of SEO. Google’s algorithm is the prime example of how much change it goes through – there’s always something changing!

We came across an interesting article on Search Engine Land, which focussed on ‘Why UX is pivotal to the future of SEO’. Quite simply, as algorithms become more sophisticated, many people believe that user signals will become a bigger aspect for search engines to rank websites. Having a positive UX design could be a necessity.

It’s a good article which focusses on both sides of our comparison – it’s well worth a read whether you’re an SEO whizz or UX pro.

Want to work with a company that specialises in both UX and SEO?

We’re of the belief you have to work from the ground up and cover all aspects of a website.

Whatever the ambition and stage your website is at, we’ll be able to work with you. We’ll ensure your site visitors enjoy their time on your website, whilst ensuring all potential customers can find your website in the first place.

To find out more, browse through the remainder of our website, or schedule a call with us by dropping us an email to hello@equalscreative.com.

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