UX & CX Tips to Christmasfy Your Website!

22nd November 2018 / 5 minute read

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The UXmas of your website relies on more than the design. Good User Experience (UX) at Christmas relies on Customer Experience (CX) as well as the palpable aspects of web design.

This may offend some of you, but Christmas decorations are pretty tacky. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But when it impacts the opinion of your users and customers, limits have to be set.

You may allude to the fact that tweaking your website’s design is the best method to inject Christmas into your site. You may even feel obliged to incorporate Santa and his elves into your design, but don’t!

There are many factors which won’t detract from the quality of your website or the integrity of your business to consider. Subtle change is your friend here. Cliché is not. Remove Santa and his sleigh from your mind, immediately!

Do bear in mind that a good UXmas relies on more than just your website’s aesthetics.

Consider content, copy and messaging.

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Whenever you design something for the web, the content should always act as the baseline for your design. Redesigning is no different. It’s a great opportunity to rejuvenate copy and create a theme across your site.

Outdated content and product/service information that doesn’t apply to the time of year takes away from the user experience. There’s nothing wrong with tweaking your site content to fit with Christmas. After all, you can change it back once it’s passed.

Just like the design, you don’t want to pack your content with so much Christmas copy that it takes away the willingness of a user to actually read the copy. So do tread carefully going down this route. And don’t forget, you can add site headers and call-to-actions which can be Christmas focussed too.

Ensure that all your festive brand messaging sits in line with your design aspirations and doesn’t devalue your meaning.

Nope, still not onto the design element… time to consider your users.

Chapter 3 of our free Christmas eBook, ‘Digital Marketing at Christmas’, focuses on creating purposeful benefits. Customers need a stress-free experience, so why not help them by contributing thoughtful ideas rather than the typical “here’s 20% off for Xmas”.

Providing customers with gift ideas and incentive is what will win their custom. Of course it’s kind to lower your prices or reward them with a percentage discount, but what customers love even more is thought and goodwill.

If you as a business can offer bundles, basket promotions or discounted collections, customers are more likely to purchase something that is unique and exclusive to you. Especially if it makes their lives easier.

Not only does it encourage them to buy exclusively discounted Christmas bundles from your business, but it demonstrates that you’re a company who cares about its customers. It may even encourage them to buy from you again in the future!

Free shipping is always a winner at Christmas too, even if it is becoming more frequent. BigCommerce say that 66% of online shoppers have decided not to buy an item because of shipping costs.

To really look into what your customers want, create customer personas. This way, you can provide ‘personalised’ ideas for your customers. Say you own a novelty gift ecommerce site, then you could create gifts for her, him and children for Christmas. Alongside this, you can utilise your customer personas to reflect and weigh up whether your persona would be interested in your personalised gift idea.

Now you can consider design tweaks. Subtlety is key!

Ultimately there are some pretty clear ways to introduce Christmas into your website’s design; by tweaking your logo, adding Christmas images across the site, adding a snowfall effect. But you don’t even need to go that far.

Colour alteration is a great option. We’re not encouraging garish reds here, we’re looking to subtle colour changes, which can really have an impact on your site’s appearance.

Rather than focus on Christmas itself, why not focus on the time of year. Having blues, purples and greens can create a wintery feel, which can connote Christmas and even New Year; which means less work having to change your site’s design after Christmas passes to fit with New Year.

If the subtle colour changes doesn’t suffice, then go for some brighter colours. But consider your brand and its personality. If you have bright personality as a brand then you could pull off bright reds and greens. But only go vibrant if it suits your brand.

Which elements of a website could you tweak?

We would recommend that you only go as far as changing the colour of minor elements, such as buttons or icons. Don’t forget that you have the option of adding Happy Christmas, free shipping or special deal banners too, especially if you have an ecommerce site. This will in itself help with the feel of Christmas, that’s why you need to take it easy on altering other elements of the website itself.

Imagery across your website is a sensible way of creating a Christmassy, wintery feel. It’s especially useful for corporate brands that have strict restrictions on altering their branding. Some of the biggest organisation cannot and will not tweak their logo for Christmas. But there’s no need when you can adopt imagery.

Don’t forget performance.

On top of ensuring good UX on your site, the performance of it must be considered when making changes to the aesthetics of your site.

Long loading times play a major role in page abandonment, so if your website isn’t responsive, users will not hesitate to leave and go elsewhere. Ensuring your website is quick to load on a desktop is great, but don’t forget mobile too. If anything, focus on your mobile users. According to Hosting Facts, 52.21% of internet traffic is from a mobile – that’s how significant mobile users are today.

To conclude:

An effective and UX/CX friendly holiday-themed website relies on simplicity.

It can be difficult not to, but don’t get caught up in all the madness. Users will appreciate your site if it looks and works in a way they expect. Reinventing your site and trying out new things isn’t a good idea, unless you know it will result in an improved experience for your users.

You can add a few touches, and that for many websites is enough to achieve a Christmas themed website.

Need some more digital guidance?

For other digital marketing tips for Christmas, grab your free eCopy of our ‘Digital Marketing at Christmas’ eBook. You’ll be able to gain inspiration for Christmas deals, social media management and prepare for the New Year!

If you have any other tips for changing your website for Christmas, then do let us know. Maybe you’ve already seen some cool tricks that other businesses have used!

Merry UXmas everyone!

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