Our New Medium Series Shows The Best & Worst UX Design Online!

16th January 2018 / 3 minute read

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Here at EC, we’re always exploring the web to see the good and the bad of UX design. By doing this, you can learn a great deal about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to a website’s user experience.

Putting our hobby into practice

Although we enjoy analysing a website’s UX design, we saw our hobby as a great opportunity to showcase to anyone (trained or untrained in UX) good and bad UX examples.

Our first Medium series, the “UX Observation Series“, presents UX design examples from some of the biggest brands out there. Volume 1 of our new UX series provides examples from Amazon, Airbnb, Mulberry, Stagecoach and Google Maps.

Even better about our new series is that we’re not just looking at websites on a desktop. We’re viewing user experiences across various devices!

How you can read Vol. 1 of our UX Observation Series on Medium

To read Vol. 1, you will need to have the Medium app stored on your device. If you already have the app, then you can follow the link below and begin reading our series immediately!

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Volume 1

What's up next?