Website Content: The foundations for making great content that converts

23rd September 2015 / 6 minute read

Website content the foundations for great content

This article takes you through a few thoughts and scenarios that should aid and guide you to improving user engagement on your website and how to ensure you are making great content that converts.

Less is more

I recently met an entrepreneur called Daniel. Daniel came to me to tell me “I have all the pages on my website the way I like them with images, content, icons and the like. I’ve got loads of social proofs, statements and testimonials everywhere all showing the value I can bring but I don’t get any business. How could they possibly miss it all? How could they possibly not want to try out my services. They’re free for goodness sake!”

After sitting Daniel down and fetching him a stiff drink, we had look at his website. I told him, “in a lot of cases business owners and marketing departments make a webpage look and feel the way they want it to, spending time and effort not on what the customer wants, but on what they want it to look like.”

“If you overwhelm a page, you overwhelm your audience, which means they’ll quickly leave your page”

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If you overwhelm a page, you overwhelm your audience, which means they’ll quickly leave your page in search for a more appealing one.

I looked at the page in dismay and confusion. I asked him “is it clear what you are actually trying to sell here? Is the information that will communicate and convert your customer clear and easy to understand?” He looked at me in the same confusion that confronted me when looking at his webpage, “well i suppose” he said, “it could look a little less cluttered.”

It’s important to keep your thought process and appearance clean and focused, show your visitors what they need to know, with strategically chosen points of information that are leading the user through your explanation and land them at a point where they can convert.

Informative but fun content is key

If no one knows about you, why would they buy from you or take advice/contact you? Great content will make visitors spend more time on your website, the more they read, the more they learn and the more time they will spend gaining trust toward your company. Having a blog or posting articles is a great way of communicating with your audience, keeping them engaged and up to date with your company. More developed and specific content, enhances trust and brand awareness and will attract more visitors. Content doesn’t just have to be about your business and what it sells either. Too many people have a self indulgent way of blogging and its not attractive. Try to blog about things that are current and focus on the type of content your target market would read and not on why your business or service is right for them.


Original pictures and video dramatically increases the readability, engagement level and time spent on a website. Splitting content into readable chunks and breaking out your key points and selling triggers into separate sections create a more accessible and engaging experience. Like Daniel, you may suffer from an over cluttered page with paragraphs upon paragraphs of content. Try taking out the key features of an article and putting them in bullet points. Put them on a section of the page so that those of us who are “impatient” can find out why they should stick around and read on.

Call to action

Make sure your call to action is in the right place, obviously positioned, and easily clickable! Leading visitors to a call to action is usually the idea, so if its in the right place and looking it’s best, you should enjoy a lot more conversions. I see so many websites that use a bland colour from their branded colour pallet that do not stand out. Does your call to action stand out? A good call to action is coloured so that it stands out in its setting but does not instantly draw the eye, the rest of the page layout should do this but be careful, some colours can have a negative effect.


Before putting your website live, always check, re-check and test everything making sure that it’s perfect  You don’t want your content going live, sharing it to the world, getting your initial spike of traffic for all that hard work to be wasted by inadequacy. After making your website live, testing your website against conversion results can determine what works and what doesn’t, simple changes can sometimes make a huge difference.

In summary

Clean, well written and structured content aimed at your target audience is one key element of good website conversion. While design is important, focus your attention less on the design of the page and more on how its structured. This approach should lead you to online success!

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