What’s the key to a great LinkedIn post?

17th June 2016 / 5 minute read

Key to a great LinkedIn post

LinkedIn remains a great platform for professional networking. But just like any other social network, your posts will go unnoticed without the right strategy.

Think of your LinkedIn posts as a forum for dialogue; just like any conversation there’s an etiquette to follow if you want to be listened to. Get it right, and your LinkedIn post holds the potential to establish new connections, working relationships and business you may not find elsewhere.

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One: What’s the purpose?

First and foremost consider what you want to achieve from your LinkedIn post. Are you trying to direct more traffic to your website? Are you trying to advertise a particular area of your brand’s expertise? Or do you want to network with potential clients in order to gain more business? Whatever your objective, it should be one of the first things you identify. With a well-defined goal your LinkedIn posts will be much better targeted and shareable.


Two: Post at the right time

No matter how brilliant your content may be, work folk simply don’t have time in a working day to trawl through LinkedIn. Share your content on weekdays, either early in the morning when your followers are commuting to work, or in the evenings when they’re out of the office or winding down. Friday and Saturday evenings are the least recommended times to share LinkedIn posts; your connections are most ‘switched-off’ from work and least likely to engage with work-related content – they have a life too!

Three: Use eye-catching images

Just like any other social platform, your image needs to be intriguing and encourage connections to click on it. Grab your followers’ attention with high quality, engaging images which stand out in their feeds. Remember, if one of your connections shares your content, it will show up in their connections’ feeds too. Make sure your post shouts ‘click-me’ – wherever it ends up!

Four: It’s all in the Headline…

Ever noticed how articles use the numbers 3 and 5 in their headlines?

It’s no accident!

Numbers and data are a great way to add interest to your headline using few characters, and odd numbers in particular make for memorable headlines. As a general rule try not to exceed 69 characters in your headline.

Five: Keep it simple and relevant

The great thing about LinkedIn is that your followers usually have some connection to you before they even begin reading your content. Make the most of this engaged following by creating relevant and interesting content which directly resonates with them. We know from firsthand experience, LinkedIn posts gain far more engagement when they involve stories about people or brand growth.

Who are the people behind your brand? How have you got to where you are today? These are the real insights into your business and the things people want to read about and share. Taking on new staff or moving to a new office? Write something about it, take some photos and share it; LinkedIn can be one of the best places to share these stories.  Who doesn’t want to read positive, uplifting stories which motivate and remind us why we go to work every day?


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