Are You Looking to Launch a New Digital Product? Here’s Why You Need to Complete User Testing!

4th September 2017 / 4 minute read

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Would you launch something without testing if it worked first?

Consider this, would the new contestants on Channel 4’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’ have entered the bake off tent without testing their recipes and ideas beforehand? Of course not, and it shouldn’t be any different for businesses looking to launch a new digital product.

Testing your digital ideas and products in advance is key and is often the difference between success and failure. Digital product testing requires research, testing, practise, and patience. Never rush the process of testing your digital concept.

Avoid contributing to the failure stat.

You can guarantee that today, there are businesses out there designing, developing and launching digital and physical products. This contributes to the fact there are hundreds of thousands of businesses releasing new digital products every year. But with a 25% business failure rate, it’s crucial to ensure that all the decisions your business makes are key and will lead to success.

Test, test, and test again.

To experience success with your digital product, you and all the other business owners out there must test your products; with the aim of gaining valuable feedback. Without detailed research and rigorous testing, your product may be riddled with mistakes and may never lift off. The negative impact of a faulty product will come down hard on you and your business.

With product and user testing, you can find issues naturally as you try out your new product. If it’s the prototype of your new desktop website, mobile site, mobile app or competitor tests & comparisons, then finding the problems sooner rather than later will be beneficial to you. Finding the issues will then allow you to either improve, change or fix them.

What are you testing and what is it you need to explore with your product?

To initiate a coherent product test, you must, first of all, understand a few key things to drive the testing forward. There’s no point in giving someone a product and saying, ‘here, try this out and let me know what you think.’ You need to be able to dive deep into your product, test it for yourself and then strive to gain valuable feedback that will help refine and define your product.

Whatever your digital product is, you will need to decide on:

Once you’ve put together a testing strategy and set your expectations, you can then move onto creating the test itself.

How will you conduct the test?

After you have discussed every aspect of the test, then you need to decide on how you are going to execute it. Will you be building a mock style prototype? Or will you create an actual test product?

If you are thinking about producing a prototype or test product, then we can help you do so.

How we can help.

As for our experience, we recently completed a project for a client of ours (who we, unfortunately, cannot name just yet) is a fantastic example of how we can help you to develop a prototype test product.

The premise of the project was to create a cross-platform product for a company in the financial sector. The responsive mobile inspired app needed to aesthetically look the part, but it also required seamless functionality and simple navigation to suit any type of user. Whether that user is experienced or inexperienced with mobile apps, they needed to be able to utilise the app. Afterall, the financial sector serves everybody in some way.

Although we’re usually used by our clients for web design & development, our ability to build app prototypes perfectly sits in line with our UX design capabilities.

Working with Equals Creative

Do you have a digital product hypothesis?

If you have a concept for a new digital product and you would like to build a prototype to test it, then you would benefit from working with our creative team.

We’d love to hear from you, so do drop us an email to and arrange a chat with us.

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