Why you should be using LinkedIn Groups

18th February 2017 / 5 minute read

Why you should be using LinkedIn groups

We all have a desire to connect with like-minded people. We do this naturally when we make friends in real life, as well as across social media. LinkedIn groups are just one source for connecting that we can take advantage of. Especially if you’re running a business.

Not only are LinkedIn groups the perfect way to cultivate a valuable community, but they are also a great avenue for generating ideas.

What are LinkedIn Groups?

A LinkedIn Group is a channel for sharing content to those who find it most valuable. Participating in groups relevant to your industry will not only boost your profile but it’ll also target an otherwise lost audience.

Let’s get one thing straight: LinkedIn Groups aren’t about bombarding readers with advertisements. We’re talking the creation and participation in active forums, not inundating participants with a flood of plugs for your business.

Finding and joining the perfect LinkedIn Groups

Now you know why you should be joining them, let’s get you started on how to find them.

Use the search field at the top to find relevant Groups to your business. This can be done by searching for Groups by their name, by keyword or by browsing recommendations.

To search for LinkedIn Groups by name or keyword:

• Select Groups from the dropdown menu on the left hand side of any page
• Enter your keywords
• Narrow down your search via filters on the left side of the search results page

Or if you’d prefer to browse groups tailored for you by LinkedIn:

• Move your cursor across the ‘interests’ bar at the top of your homepage – Choose Groups.
• Click on ‘Discover’ to see those suggested
• Request to join by clicking the ‘ask to join’ button under the group description

Creating your own LinkedIn Group

It’s also pretty easy to create your own LinkedIn Group too. Simply hover over ‘interests’ again and select groups. From there, select ‘my Groups’ and then ‘Create Group’.

Now comes the tricky bit. You’ve made the group and now it’s time to get adding and engaging your members.

Firstly, you need to provide a way for members to introduce themselves and welcome one another. Don’t just sit back and wait for the magic to happen. By engaging with your new members they’ll be encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise. As your group grows it might be wise to share some group guidelines to avoid that pesky bombardment of advertisements we spoke about earlier. Why not private message new members and form a bond too?

How to grow your LinkedIn Group

Growing your LinkedIn Group isn’t instant. Think of it like nurturing a plant. You’re more than likely well aware already on how to make connections via LinkedIn. So, now it’s time to take advantage of those connections and bring them together. Have a look around other people’s profiles and see who they are linked to and how you can form a link of your own.

Here are a few handy tips for creating your own LinkedIn community:

• Only allow group members to post, to create some exclusivity.
• Make it look attractive. Create an eye catching logo and draw in new members with interesting visuals as well as content.
• Encourage members to exchange group information across social media elsewhere.
• Why not send a weekly newsletter? By highlighting that week’s discussion and sending it straight to their inbox you’ll ensure everyone stays in the loop.

The next tip? Don’t stop there.

LinkedIn Groups are all about maintaining that engagement. Recognising members and commenting on the content they create and share will encourage discussion.

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