The creation of a contemporary brand for GP Job Search

The Objective

We needed to create a timeless and respectable GP Job Search brand that could be used as a digital stamp and full logo for print and their website.

We had a limited amount of time so we needed to work fast. The website needed to be launched late August, which gave us just 3-4 days to come up with a new brand. Along with a new brand, they also had a new website being built by our team. The website needed to be launched in late August.

gp job search

The Result

The result speaks for itself. Equals created a brand that not only looks great on the website but also on advertising boards and the front of a building. The logo now functions well as both a symbol intertwining the letters ‘g’ and ‘p’, and a full logo that can be used for websites and print.

The colours are sophisticated and contrasting helping them to look great on every medium. We are looking forward to implementing this brand into a variety of new products, including the GP Job Search website we launched in 2017.