A New Middletons Solicitors Website

Designing their new brand

Designing Middletons new 2017 brand was a task that required both an understanding of their target audience and the type of brand they wanted to portray. We decided to work on colour schemes and typography to stress the idea of importance and solidity, using a strong serif font combined with a new age strapline that worked seamlessly to create a ‘middletons’ stamp.

middletons identity

We wanted to concentrate on making a topic that was inherently technical, extremely simple

This project was about building a website with the most simple and effective layout to encourage new customers to enquire. We wanted to structure the content so that customers could find what they were looking for without spending too much time searching through the website. We worked with Middletons to improve the readability of their con

The Result

Middletons Solicitors were very happy with their new website which thrives off their new brand. We wish them all the success with their new venture and will continue to keep working with them; offering them help and advice where needed to build their brand online through SEO and PPC.

“We are extremely pleased with our new website, brand and new corporate colour. It refreshes our image and brings us up to date online. We have enjoyed working with Equals Creative over the past few years, they always provide us with useful and helpful advice and we will continue working with them in the future to grow our online business and provide legal information to the community.”

Charles Goodbody