Cavity Dental Staff - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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The Objective

After designing and developing a great user experience (UX) for the Cavity Dental Staff website, it was time to begin marketing it to ensure people could discover the business online.


The design and messaging for the site is focused on supporting dental practices acquire dental staff and help locum staff to find work. We needed to define and research exactly what Cavity’s potential customers are searching for to understand what the site needs to rank for.

Utilising our user personas from the site’s messaging and design, we strategised the SEO direction for the campaign through conducting competitor and general research to understand the industry and compile a list of relevant keywords and search phrases.

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Setting The Foundations

With a strategy in place, we moved onto optimising the website’s existing pages. We achieved this through a site audit to review the website’s technical performance and highlight any issues which could prevent organic ranking.

Site audits are completed daily to ensure the site is fully optimised to perform well on Google and provide the best experience for all users.

Engaging SEO Landing Pages

Our strategy relied on creating relevant landing pages to entice targeted users and guide them to the website and encourage an enquiry or sign-up. This required our content writer to produce copy which communicated directly to the targeted user. It was also key that we respected the SEO writing standards that Google appreciates and responds well to.

Our page templates for the landing pages are easy to browse and the copy is concise to ensure users pay attention to the copy and are guided into making a decision with a tailored call-to-action.

Adaptable Approach

Cavity Dental Staff is a fast-paced dental agency that is rapidly expanding and forever adapting. We had to be flexible to meet their business requirements and alter our strategy when and if required.

The first 6 months of our campaign was focussed on building authority with Google whilst competing with competitors to rank for the most competitive keywords.

The following 6 months saw a shift in Cavity’s focus. They wanted to expand their outreach to acquire locum staff in specific areas of the UK.

To achieve this business goal, we needed to align our landing page strategy to target staff acquisition in areas of the UK where Cavity wanted to start recruiting or expand their network of dental staff.

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The Results

These are the results we achieved through our SEO for Cavity Dental Staff over a 12 month period.

Site Visibility:


Average Keyword Position:


Keywords in Top 3 Search Results:


Book Staff Increase of:


We first worked with Equals to design and build our website, since then they have been marketing Cavity Dental Staff online through Search Engine Optimisation, paid ads, ongoing site maintenance and design work. The results they’ve achieved with the SEO has added great value to our business. We’re one of the leaders in our industry both organically and through paid advertisement. If you’re looking for a technology business that is personal, easy to work with and knowledgeable, then get in touch with Equals Collective!


Sharon Dunne – Cavity Dental Staff