Devoted Films Corporate - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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The Objective

Equals were selected to help the Devoted Films corporate website rank on Google for relevant search terms and convert users into leads.

Ranking for search terms that customers would and were searching was essential to our strategy. This was how we could encourage our targeted users to discover Devoted Films organically.

Ranking was the first step, the second was to entice users through the site’s search result (meta) and the landing page’s content. Our website messaging needed to resonate with users and guide them into enquiring about Devoted’s video production service.

Setting The Foundations

It was key for us to conduct our research and put together a plan of action to get Devoted noticed by Google and its users for relevant phrases.

We conducted competitor and general research to understand the industry before compiling a list of relevant keywords and search phrases, whilst working closely with the client to understand their business objectives.

Once our SEO strategy was in place, we optimised the website’s main pages by completing a site audit and reviewing the website’s content and meta.

Ongoing SEO Work

The SEO process is a journey which requires time, patience and ongoing work. For Devoted Films, we were consistently optimising the website’s messaging to improve the user’s journey on the site, whilst ensuring the site was seen as ‘SEO-friendly’.

On a weekly basis we produced new content, edited/optimised existing content, improved site meta, increased relevant internal linking, tracked the site’s health, improved site health & performance, and explored backlink opportunities.

Creation of Engaging SEO Landing Pages

It wasn’t all plain sailing, the CMS system for Devoted Films Corporate was very limiting when we began. This is why our developers rebuilt the site under a new CMS platform, keeping the same aesthetics on the site.

This allowed us more flexibility in optimising the website and creating our SEO landing pages.

Not only did we have to write engaging and SEO-friendly content for each landing page, but the page design itself needed to show off the high quality work of Devoted Films. It required a combination of concise content along with videos and imagery.

landing page

The Results

We achieved the below outcomes within 6 months of beginning the work.

“We required a team that would improve our online presence, increase quality traffic and get us in front of more potential customers – and that’s exactly what’s been achieved. Within the space of 6 months our website has been rebuilt with a far more efficient content management system, allowing us to easily make tweaks and changes. We now have a series of landing pages, allowing us to spread our potential reach on Google. Our visibility has greatly increased and we’ve been able to track our results against other local businesses operating in the same field. Equals Velocity are approachable, flexible and very easy to work with, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Richard and Mark – Devoted Films Corporate