HRetc. Branding & Web Build

Unique Brand

We wanted to deliver HRetc. a brand that looked cool, calming and professional. The use of the emotive gradient palettes and contrasting imagery of rural London worked seamlessly throughout the design.

Colour is a powerful communication tool and is often used by designers to encourage action, influence mood, and tap into emotions. The brand represents a strong and emotive feel with calming gradients and use of natural though provoking colours.


Cross Platform

The brand new website we developed worked seamlessly cross-platform using new material design mobile navigation and other elements to provide the best experience possible across mobile and desktop.

Precise UX

We worked hard on creating a fluent and effortless browsing experience for all users. With a focus on iconography detail and micro-interactions, the site comes to life.

Customisable Module

We created a fully customisable back end that allowed the staff at HRetc. to customise and add modules, downloadable packs and change any content.